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Many high-end manufacturing giants have attacked China's manufacturing industry with opportunities and challenges

Abstract: high end manufacturing accounts for a huge share, including BASF, Tesla, BMW and other world-renowned enterprises are constantly expanding their business in China. On the one hand, these high-end manufacturing industries have injected new vitality into China's economic development; On the other hand, these outsiders are threatening to pose a great challenge to China's local manufacturing enterprises

China has a huge consumer market, strong consumer purchasing power and a continuously open and optimized business environment, attracting enterprises from all over the world. In the past six months, many enterprises have announced their investment plans in China. Among them, the high-end manufacturing industry accounts for a huge share, including BASF, Tesla, BMW and other world-renowned enterprises are constantly expanding their business in China. On the one hand, these high-end manufacturing industries have injected new vitality into China's economic development; On the other hand, these outsiders are threatening to pose a great challenge to China's local manufacturing enterprises

BASF, a chemical giant, built a base in Guangdong

in the chemical industry, almost everyone knows the name of BASF. It was once rated as "the most admired chemical company in the world" by the American business magazine fortune, and ranked second in the cross industry evaluation of all German companies. BASF ranks 114 in the Fortune Global 500 just released. BASF's products cover many fields, such as chemicals, plastics, specialty products, crop protection products, crude oil and natural gas, in which it maintains great competitive advantages at the same time

in order to expand its commercial territory, BASF planned to invest $10billion to build an integrated production base in Guangdong in July this year, making BASF the first foreign-invested enterprise to build and operate an integrated base including steam cracking units in China. The whole construction plan is expected to be completed by 2030, and the first batch of units will be completed by 2026 at the latest

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for the US $10billion invested in China, on the day when the investment in Guangdong is finalized, BASF CEO Martin brudmiller said:

"BASF is a pioneer in developing the Chinese market, and this cooperation will also play a very important role in expanding the Chinese market. By 2030, we will invest up to $10billion in this project, which will also be the largest investment in BASF's history. We must understand that China now accounts for 40% of the global chemical market, and the proportion will further increase to 48% in 2025. If you want to become a family If you are a world-class company, you must succeed in the Chinese market. "

in fact, after more than 20 years of development, China's chemical industry has accumulated considerable strength, especially in recent years, the technology has been improved rapidly, and world-class devices have been put into production in all sub industries, ranking in the forefront of the world in terms of scale and progressiveness. However, the overall competitiveness is insufficient. There are many problems, such as strong but not strong, many single champions and too few all-round champions

as a chemical giant, BASF is precisely the "all-round champion" in the field. It can be predicted that BASF's investment in China this time will affect the domestic chemical industry to a certain extent. It is unknown whether domestic chemical industry can resist the competition from outsiders and upgrade and transform in the competition

electric vehicle enterprises especially need to choose the pendulum with appropriate quality. Tesla is an American electric vehicle and energy company founded by a group of engineers who want to prove that electric vehicles are better, faster and have more driving fun than fuel vehicles. Now, Tesla historian Xiao Gongqin openly said that LA has become a world-renowned electric vehicle brand, which not only manufactures pure electric vehicles, but also produces clean energy collection and storage products that can be infinitely expanded

on July 10, 2018, Tesla signed an investment agreement on pure electric vehicle project with Lingang group of Shanghai Lingang district development and construction management committee. Tesla will build a super factory in Lingang District solely. The project integrates R & D, manufacturing and sales, and plans to produce 500000 electric vehicles per year

Tesla's investment in building a factory is of great significance to China, especially Shanghai, which has been committed to building itself into a high-end manufacturing center over the years. Tesla will build an overseas super large factory in Shanghai Lingang. The factory is in the form of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and it is also the largest wholly foreign-owned project in China. The relaxation of restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares will pave the way for more international enterprises to establish factories in China. For a project like this, it is instructive to see how the manufacturing industry will operate in the first tier cities in the future

coincidentally, Geely Automobile was exposed to have lost 12.3 billion yuan in market value when Tesla announced the establishment of its plant in Shanghai. Although there is no connection between the two, the gradual landing of Tesla has put some pressure on the survival of domestic automobile brands (especially new energy vehicles)

in particular, once the subsidy declines in 2020, and a Tesla with distinctive product personality that does not rely on subsidies is nationalized in China, it is unclear whether it will have a direct impact on us

Scania is a Swedish truck and bus manufacturer. Therefore, environmental experimental equipment must have the characteristics of safe operation, convenient operation, reliable use and long service life. Its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Although Scania is not the largest heavy truck enterprise in the world, it is still unparalleled in the profitability of the commercial vehicle industry in the world

in recent years, Scania has been accelerating the expansion of the Chinese market. On April 24 this year, Scania held a new generation truck launch conference in China in Beijing, and then held new product promotion conferences in Chengdu, Xiamen, Changsha, Jinan and other cities, which shows the importance it attaches to the Chinese market. In the second half of this year, Scania's auto finance company will also be registered and is expected to invest in the field of network marketing

recently, some media reported that at the media communication meeting held by Scania in Qingdao on August 13, Steve wager, general manager of Scania China, revealed that the construction plan of Scania's domestic factory was already under consideration

according to the analysis of industry insiders, at present, Scania's annual sales volume in China is about 3000. If Scania is built in a wholly-owned factory in China, its annual sales volume will exceed 10000. Within two to three years, Scania's annual sales volume will surpass Valin and beiben, and even domestic heavy truck giants XCMG heavy truck and Universiade will be threatened

it is worth mentioning that Scania is not the foreign heavy truck that sells the most in China. There is a Volvo in front of it and a man/man behind it. It can be predicted that Scania may be the first foreign heavy-duty truck to build a wholly-owned factory, but it must not be the last. At that time, the pressure on China's independent heavy-duty truck enterprises will increase

there is a saying:

only competition can make progress. China has a huge manufacturing industry and a huge manufacturing market. However, when the consumer market is upgraded, some manufacturing enterprises cannot transform to the medium and high-end, which forms a huge disconnect. When foreign high-end manufacturing industries enter China, we not only get business opportunities, but also the entire manufacturing industry can complete the transformation and upgrading with the help of foreign forces. This is our opportunity. However, there will be challenges in the face of opportunities. In the face of the overwhelming foreign high-end manufacturing industry, we still need to make more efforts to surpass

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