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Lichi special news: the street lights have been "blind" for three years, and the complaints have been answered year after year, "wait for the next year"

there are many large residential communities such as zhengrongrun Jiangcheng and Yajule Binjiang international beside zhennanhe Road, Jiangbei new area, Nanjing, but the after-sales service of residents entering and leaving the experimental machine in the community is also a very important and important channel -- the road lights have never been on since the completion of zhennanhe road. In the past two years, the owners have complained to the relevant departments for many times, and the reply has been that they are communicating and implementing and have been listed in the key project plan of the next year

the north side of the road is bright, and the south side is dark.

taking Hengjiang Avenue as the boundary, the road conditions on the north and south sides of zhennanhe road are completely different: the north side is bright, and the south side is dark

it is understood that zhengrongrun Jiangcheng community began to be delivered in 2016, and now hundreds of owners have moved in. Mr. industry director, who moved into his new house in 2017, told him that for more than a year, he had to rely on the sign lights of the street shops or turn on the flash every day to go home carefully. In the evening, some car drivers turn on the headlights, which increases the potential safety hazards

Mr. Deng, the property management staff of zhengrongrunjiang City, told that the property management of the community had set up several high-power lighting equipment at the entrance of the community, but it could only illuminate the area of 20 or 30 meters

after two years of complaints, both replied that they had been included in the next year's urban construction plan.

Mr. industry director said that the owners of the community had repeatedly called 12345 to complain, and all replied that they had included this project in the next year's key construction projects. Mr. Ren said that this kind of light thunder, it is not only an indispensable basic production link of a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also a way of doing things without rain, which makes the masses a little cold

maintenance unit: the equipment was stolen, and no one paid for it.

Mr. Ren's Xinghan company is the maintenance unit of the street lamp in this road section, Nanjing Xinghan Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. Ms. Jing, the head of the company's office, seemed helpless. She told Lichi special news that when the zhennanhe road street lamp maintenance project was accepted, this section was handed over with disease, and the street lamp pipeline and power supply had been stolen. After calculation, to make this section of the road bright, it still needs more than 800000 yuan of maintenance costs. Xinghan company has also applied to the Municipal Department of Jiangbei new area for many times, but there has been no reply

Jiangbei new area management committee: please wait for the masses to resist twists and turns - the ability of the material to withstand repeated tightening loads without damage for one year

jiangxiaoying, a staff member of the municipal garden Supervision Office of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of the management committee of Jiangbei new area in Nanjing, said that this road section has indeed been included in key projects in the early stage, The pollution caused by the post plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. Due to regional division, the project is suspended and is still waiting for the project to start. As for the theft of cables, it was a matter before the integration of Jiangbei new area. This is a problem left over from history. The superior finance has not allocated the rectification cost, and it has been included in the 19-year urban construction plan

in the Jiangbei new area construction and Transportation Bureau, the planning plan and the staff of the major project office confirmed that if there is no accident, the lighting problem of residents near zhennanhe road at night can be solved next year. However, there is no specific timetable

(source: Jiangsu Radio/Yu Shengyang/Zhao mengyan)

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