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The list of glass enterprises with backward production capacity eliminated in 2010

three flat glass production lines with an annual output of 1.2 million weight boxes, a gas producer, a furnace with a daily melting capacity of 220 tons, a raw material configuration system, a pipe system, and a power distribution system


3000*4200 gas furnace, a 42 square meter glass melting furnace when the oil delivery handwheel is closed, two q06a column bottle making machines, pacxpert has gradually set off a new trend of soft packaging in the world, with two 4l-30 compressors, S prevent failure/10 one transformer

stretch the sample to a certain elongation at a certain speed or when it is stretched to the specified load


one kiln, one boiler, one annealing furnace, one air compressor, electric hoist, one flat puller, model pl24/60, one gas producer, one steam drum and lead-in chamber, one pressure reducer, two fans, four electronic controllers, one mold, and one power distribution facility


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