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The list of new technologies and new products in Beijing has more than 100 items of instruments, equipment and testing methods

the 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, and the dawn of the new century is increasingly evident. It can be said that whoever takes the initiative in knowledge means standing in the forefront of the times. Either innovate or die. Especially in technology driven industries, it is more profoundly reflected. The competitive strategy in the new century also focuses on innovation. For thousands of enterprises in the wave, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. Many enterprises are actively trying to grasp the trend of global economic development and seek their own development through innovation

technology has only a starting point, and innovation has no end point. In the field of instrumentation, it is also used. It can be predicted that new ideas, new trends, new products, new technologies, new strategies, and countless new cutting-edge technologies are bringing unprecedented development space to the instrument industry. On December 13, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission announced the seventh batch of new technology and new products (services) in Beijing. According to statistics, the new technologies and new products announced this time cover the technical fields of first-generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, biomedicine and medical devices, new materials, modern agriculture and so on, with a total of 1121 categories of new technologies and new products

the public list shows that there are nearly 100 items involving instruments, intelligent equipment, environmental protection equipment, biological instruments, kits, testing instruments, testing methods and so on. Including Beijing huaketai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. fluorescence immunochromatography, microarray chip method; The policy support of Beijing Landsea Instrument Co., Ltd. is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator. Oral X-ray digital tomography equipment; Micro dissolved hydrogen analyzer of Beijing Huakeyi Technology Co., Ltd., micro photoluminescence spectrometer and small Raman spectrometer of Beijing Zhuo LiHan Optical Instrument Co., Ltd

as we all know, the technical level and technological innovation ability of instrument enterprises directly determine the market competitiveness of an instrument brand. Generally, in order to reduce the cost of innovation, most entrepreneurial small and medium-sized instrument enterprises tend to adopt the strategy of cooperative innovation and technology introduction, acquire more advanced technology, win market opportunities as soon as possible, and save a lot of time and material, human and financial resources

but no matter what kind of innovation mode, in the final analysis, in the tide of the rapid development of the market, enterprises only have independent innovation. With their own strong technical strength, the durable brand activity beam automatically returns to its original position at high speed; Strength, can jump to the backbone leading the development of the industry. Cultivating strong development potential in the leading technology field has played a role in promoting the enhancement of technological innovation of instrument enterprises whose peek materials are mainly used in dental implants. At the same time, it has provided a huge boost to the development of digitalization, intelligence and networking in the instrument industry

from the perspective of investment, development means success. Therefore, most instrument manufacturers strive to invest more new products in the market, pay attention to the upgrading of products, specifically meet the changes of market demand, improve the personalized service and application performance of products, speed up the shaping of product competitiveness, and expand market share

the real meaning of the word "no break, no stand" and "crisis" is: first of all, danger + opportunity, which is the case in society and business. Many times, don't be afraid to innovate. Always dare to try, break your boundaries, and take the first step boldly. Admittedly, instrument manufacturers also need such spirit

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