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Hebei mingshangde Glass Technology Co., Ltd., the leading listed company of heat-resistant glass in China, was successfully listed on November 12. The securities abbreviation is mingshangde, and the securities code is 834114. It is the leading listed company in China's heat-resistant glass industry

mingshangde has successively won the honorary title of "Hebei business card" of 2015 in Hebei Province, including "Hebei Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", "Hebei cultural industry demonstration base", "advanced enterprise in foreign trade import and export", "Hebei integrity enterprise", "Hebei safety production standardization secondary enterprise", "Hebei famous brand products of small and medium-sized enterprises" and "heat resistant glass tea set set group"

and signed an agreement on "achievement transformation and teaching practice base" with Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in July 2015. At the same time, with the strong promotion and promotion of mingshangde company, Hejian was successfully identified as the "capital of China's craft glass manufacturing". Mingshangde is entering everyone's vision with a lightning speed, which also indicates that more families can use healthy and reassuring heat-resistant glass products. Mingshangde company is located in Hejian City, which is rated as the "capital of China's technological glass" and a key cultural industry in Hebei Province. Founded in 1980, it has a series of thermoplastic and thermosetting polylactic acid polyurethane, the largest heat-resistant glass production base at home and abroad, which is prepared by solution polymerization using polylactic acid polyols, which have been difficult to produce at least one degree of cobalt products. It covers an area of about 100000 square meters and employs nearly 1000 people, There are about 500 experienced senior technicians, with strong R & D and production strength, and independent import and export rights. The products sell well at home and abroad, and have long-term cooperation with Nestle, Starbucks, Wal Mart and other well-known enterprises. Mingshangde's brands include mingshangde, Liangliang, Atlas, etc. In 2015, mingshangde married the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University and became the leading achievement transformation base and teaching practice base of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in China

mingshangde's success is not accidental. Since mingshangde did not hesitate to spend more than 20 tons of glass tubes (about 120000 glasses of raw materials, costing 500000 yuan), and spent 2 months on development and innovation, just for the birth of a double-layer cup (the world's leading double-layer cup), we should believe that it is inevitable for mingshangde to rise resolutely and quickly reach the level that can be in line with international standards. The indomitable, hard-working, pioneering and self-improvement spirit of mingshangde people will promote mingshangde to go higher and farther

Premier Li Keqiang said that listing has stimulated the vitality of the market and mobilized the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the company. Listed companies will become the vanguard and commando in the main battle of future economic development and play a decisive role in China's economy

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