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Intel exhibited the concept prototype of digital signage at the American Retail Federation exhibition

focusing on the prospect of standardized interactive digital signage, Intel recently exhibited a 7-foot-6-inch multi-user, multi touch Intel smart digital signage proof of concept (POC) system at the American Retail Federation Exhibition (NRF) held in New York. Intel pointed out that this digital signage concept prototype can change the way people interact in shopping malls, airports, banks and hotels

at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last week, Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, disclosed information about this for the first time in order to pay a return visit to the exhibition if necessary. The concept prototype on display simulates the background of a virtual reality shopping mall. Consumers can use a multi touch holographic screen to find products, understand promotional information, submit comments on products, read other customers' comments, check past purchase records, and exchange their findings and experiences with friends through social media and integrated functions

the side-by-side window display in the display area supports multiple consumers to view the detailed real map of each floor of the mall at the same time, and allows retailers to add coupons and promotional information next to product pictures to improve consumers' shopping experience

Joe Jensen, general manager of Intel embedded computing department, said: traditional shopping malls are constantly seeking competitive advantages over retailers, and digital signage technology has become a magic weapon to provide shoppers with targeted interactive content. For this reason, we have designed this Intel smart digital signage proof of concept system, hoping to take this opportunity to prove that retailers can use new usage modes such as augmented reality technology and interactive product query to interact with consumers in a more personalized and attractive way, thereby improving revenue and customer loyalty

provide deep insight to advertisers

Intel's digital signage concept prototype can also bring new opportunities to advertisers with the help of anonymous video analysis. When consumers watch the system screen, the built-in camera technology can analyze gender, age, audience composition ratio, time and other measurement standard data, so that the system can display appropriate content and pictures according to the estimated consumer statistics. The system anonymously sends audience information to advertisers, and advertisers use this information to analyze and determine which content consumers are most interested in. Finally, advertisers can adjust the advertising content in order to maximize the impact on the audience

advanced technology for independent markets

the retail and digital signage markets are evolving. Intel is also actively working closely with other technology leading manufacturers to provide intelligent solutions that can meet industry challenges. Because of the need to use a large number of different platforms, the application development of retail and digital signage has been facing great difficulties for a long time. In order to meet the needs of users for the latest solutions, Intel also announced today that it has established a strategic partnership with Microsoft * to jointly develop an open standard verified digital signage application platform for the digital signage industry

Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded Business Department of Microsoft, pointed out: what equipment is used for steel wire mechanics testing with the help of windows? Embedded operating system and Intel platform, we will provide scalable interoperability solutions for digital signage and other related industries, and support applications with rich graphics and interactive film blowing machine quality and film blowing technology that determine the quality function of film forming. We sincerely hope that this solution can provide endless development possibilities for digital signage and other industries

the media player integrated in this conceptual prototype currently runs on an optimized digital signage solution using the recently released Intel Core i7 series processor and Microsoft Windows Embedded standard 2011 platform. The platform jointly developed by Intel and Microsoft is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2010

the digital signage system based on Intel Core platform will also adopt Intel Bray technology and Intel Active tube to realize the screen display technology of experimental force, peak value of experimental force, beam displacement, experimental deformation and experimental curve, so that administrators can remotely manage the system in the case of power interruption, thereby significantly reducing operating costs and energy consumption

introduction to Intel digital signage proof of concept system

Intel proof of concept demonstration was built by frog design, a global innovation company headquartered in San Francisco. This demonstration will be held at Intel booth 1361, green Pavilion booth 2367 and Microsoft booth 836 at the American Retail Federation exhibition

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