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Integrating international advanced technology, Zoomlion assisted in the supply side reform of environmental protection

integrating international advanced technology, Zoomlion assisted in the supply side reform of environmental protection

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on December 22, 2015, Zoomlion officially completed the acquisition and signing with Italy ladurner (nadule), a leading European environmental protection enterprise. Zoomlion entered the global environmental industry from a high starting point and changed the competitive pattern of world environmental governance enterprises

on the day of the signing ceremony, Zoomlion chairman Zhan Chunxin was invited to visit the headquarters of ladurner and its waste treatment plant in Bolzano. The relevant person in charge of ladurner introduced in detail its advanced technology widely used in environmental treatment projects such as sewage treatment, sludge treatment, domestic waste treatment, soil remediation, and showed its mature project management mode

"the acquisition of ladurner is not a simple financial operation in high-value utilization, but a real industry integration." Zhan Chunxin said in an interview with ansa news agency in Italy

through the integration of ladurner's advanced environmental governance technology and a rich blow molding machine with good performance, it has shown good market adaptability in the process of film production. The project management experience, Zoomlion applied it in the field of domestic environmental market to help the supply side reform of environmental protection by means of technological innovation, integrated resources and PPP mode

In fact, only in China, the environmental industry has considerable market space, and the continuous increase of environmental protection policies in various fields has created a historic development opportunity for environmental protection enterprises

Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, pointed out that the scale of the environmental protection industry in the "13th five year plan" will increase significantly year on year, and the market demand for water and soil pollution control and third-party environmental control will expand on a large scale

according to the calculation of the Ministry of environmental protection, the implementation of the "ten water policies" is expected to drive the GDP growth of about 5.7 trillion yuan and the new output value of the environmental protection industry of about 1.9 trillion yuan

like water pollution, soil pollution and domestic waste pollution are not optimistic. Data show that in 2015, the polluted area of cultivated land reached 150million mu, accounting for 8.3% of the total cultivated land in China, and the key polluted cultivated land is about 50million mu. In terms of domestic waste pollution, according to the requirements of the "13th five year plan", the "13th five year plan" period will become a turning point from waste treatment to waste treatment in China

Fu Tao, a professor at Tsinghua University, also pointed out that without industrial intervention, it is difficult to truly implement environmental governance. The environmental performance contract services and general contracting of environmental protection services mentioned in the "ten articles on water" are exciting. In the future, the government will only aim at quality and performance, and will no longer take charge of everything, but purchase system solutions and services from the industry, which will make China's environmental protection industry grow exponentially

external opportunities test the internal strength of the enterprise. In the future, for enterprises entering the field of environmental governance, whether their technology and ideas can be synchronized with the internal needs of environmental governance is undoubtedly a huge challenge

the market believes that with the rise of Zoomlion and other international environmental enterprises with strong capital, technology and brand strength, China's relevant environmental industries are narrowing the gap with the world. Zoomlion's acquisition of ladurner company this time has the world's leading technical strength in urban solid waste treatment, sewage sludge treatment, renewable energy, soil reclamation and other aspects. Relying on international advanced technology, Zoomlion has grown into a "versatile hand" in the field of environmental protection, and will benefit from intensive environmental policy dividends in the future

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environmental governance is a comprehensive large-scale project, involving a wide range of subdivisions. Zoomlion, on the one hand, improves its international technology level through overseas mergers and acquisitions; On the other hand, actively seek suitable partners in China, integrate first-class professional enterprises in the industry, and provide full environmental service guarantee. Recently, Zoomlion joined hands with Beijing yuantaida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the field of construction waste recycling with a new model, and actively promote the scientific treatment and sustainable development of construction waste in China

earlier, Zoomlion and Shenzhen Energy and environmental protection Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the research and development of waste incineration complete equipment, the construction and operation management of waste incineration projects

Zhang Jianguo, vice president of Zoomlion and President of environment group, said that Zoomlion's environmental industry must build its vision on the whole industrial chain in order to achieve breakthrough development

"our strategic demand is to develop from the front end to the back end, open up the whole industrial chain, and transform from the current simple equipment manufacturing to the integration of the whole industrial chain, such as environmental engineering contracting, environmental project management and operation, environmental protection consulting services."

for the sunrise industry of environmental industry, in the Chinese formula: vs- forming shrinkage difference vsr- forming shrinkage in the direction of melt activity vst- forming shrinkage in the direction perpendicular to melt activity Lianzhong not only has a long-term strategic vision, but also has the strength to calmly deal with the high requirements of environmental governance

at present, the promotion of PPP mode is an important part of supply side reform. The industry believes that the financial strength of enterprises, government docking ability and comprehensive management ability are the key. Recently, Zoomlion has adopted the PPP model to reach environmental strategic cooperation with dozens of counties and cities such as Shimen, Cili, Ningyuan and Huayuan in Hunan Province, and step by step to promote the implementation of environmental treatment projects such as the construction of domestic waste removal and transportation system, sewage treatment, water body restoration and soil restoration. With rich experience and leading technology, Zoomlion takes the lead in promoting the county economy, so it only needs a few technicians to operate these production lines, so as to promote the rapid economic and social development and build a beautiful China

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, Zoomlion will continue to explore the PPP cooperation mode in the future and provide all-round services for China's environmental construction. The strictest environmental protection system implemented during the 13th Five Year Plan period is both a challenge and an opportunity for environmental protection enterprises. Zoomlion, the "versatile hand" in the field of environmental protection, is poised to take off

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