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Intel and Microsoft digital signage platform technology have been launched

before May 10, 2010, Jose Avalos, director of the Digital Signage Industry in the embedded and communications division of Intel, and Lorraine Bardeen, regional marketing director of EMEA in the embedded division of Microsoft * windows, jointly announced the launch of an embedded technology platform based on Intel chips and windows* software for digital signage applications

avalos said: This is the first and only digital signage platform in the industry that can provide remote management with a proven operating system. The perfect combination of intel core processor based systems and Microsoft Windows Embedded standard 7* will enable solution providers to build a more reliable digital signage network faster. 3. The measuring power of the traditional experimental machine basically depends on the lever balance principle

bardeen added: we are very happy to provide developers with the latest Windows Embedded standard 7 technology for digital signs. The latest platform jointly built by Microsoft and Intel can bring excellent flexibility to digital signage manufacturers and network operators, help them define and quickly create innovative energy-free applications, and provide consumers with richer and more attractive experiences in retail stores, hotels, banks, airports and other environments

the platform for the development of next-generation digital signage jointly launched by Intel and Microsoft has been recognized by many industry-leading manufacturers, including aopen*, c-nario*, digital panorama*, DT research*, Harris *, HP *, micro industries*, NCR netkey*, nec* and yCd multimedia*. Harris company fully supports the digital signage platform developed by Intel and Microsoft, such as providing infocaster player content playback software, which can realize the conditioning from plastic to rubber, has advanced content management and content synchronization characteristics, and can transmit information from multiple content sources to thousands of remote displays through widely distributed networks

Intel and Microsoft first announced the establishment of a strategic partnership in the field of digital signage platform at the 2010 American retail alliance exhibition. At the conference, Intel showed the public an interactive proof of concept system for smart digital signage. The system adopts an interactive LCD and holographic glass touch screen nearly 8 feet high. Its anonymous video analysis function helps advertisers provide content to meet the needs of the audience and maximize the impact of advertising. In addition, the platform also adopts Intel Borui processor technology 2 Sample size: the dimensioning of the tested parts and the active management technology of Intel enable the administrator to remotely manage the digital signs even when the machine is turned off, thus greatly reducing the operation cost and energy consumption cost

the evaluation suite of this platform is now available. For more information, please visit

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