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On August 9, Intel Asia Pacific Research and Development Co., Ltd., Sina Technology (China) Co., Ltd., bid winning software Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaotong University formally signed an agreement in Beijing to jointly establish China open source cloud League (coscl), It is committed to integrating the needs of enterprise users for cloud computing infrastructure platforms, collaborative research and development based on openstack and other open-source frameworks and accelerating their improvement, so as to promote the development of China's cloud computing industry

China open source cloud alliance will be committed to openstack development, operating system support, performance optimization, and compliance with qhmac103 [1] 143 ⑵ 02 ⑵ 005 brake pedal mold deployment, through industry cooperation, explore openstack solutions for different application fields, share with the industry, and promote the industrial application of openstack; At the same time, the work product code will be returned to the openstack global open source community to enhance the influence of China on the openstack global community

he Jingxiang, general manager of Intel Asia Pacific R & D Co., Ltd. and general manager of Intel Software and services division in China, said that in the Chinese market, open source has a good momentum of development, but the open source cloud project needs to be improved. This alliance and restart experiments will implement the open source cloud project in the Chinese market for Chinese enterprises

as a sponsor member of the alliance, Sina has started the research, development and use of cloud computing based on openstack open source platform earlier, and has become an important contributor to the community

Fu Qingming, general manager of sina R & D department, said: open source is the soul of the development of cloud computing, and has become an effective business model and widely accepted. This way of creating social and commercial value will also become the key to promoting the operation of open source. We hope that more dedicated open source talents will join and become the core driving force for the development of open source community

Jin Yaohui of Shanghai Jiaotong University said that although the fast drying performance of the open source cloud alliance in China is comparable to that of polyester, its current capacity is limited, but it is hoped that enterprises and scientific research institutions can jointly solve key problems and realize resource sharing through open source code

at present, openstack project and its mode are welcomed by Chinese developers and companies. According to official statistics, the number of downloads and openstack users from China is second only to the United States, but at present, the contribution from China is very limited in the development of openstack project

openstack is an open source project jointly initiated by NASA and Rackspace, a security protection company that provides local test products and operators. It aims to provide software for the construction and management of public and private clouds, and to build a cloud computing platform that is easy to deploy, rich in functions and easy to expand. At present, its community has more than 160 enterprises and more than 3000 developers

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