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A variety of technologies integrate to deduce the new trend of testing and measurement industry

system level measurement, key parameter estimation, artificial intelligence based pattern recognition and visual visualization of key measurement information will play an increasingly important role in physical layer measurement

the two-day "first Agilent science and Technology Festival" was recently held in Agilent science and Technology China headquarters building in Beijing. Agilent held a series of lectures and forums at the science and technology festival with the themes of "Agilent and the Olympic Games", "Agilent and China" and "Agilent and future technology". The relevant person in charge of Agilent technology shared its latest research results and prospects for the future testing and measurement industry with industry insiders, and explained the bright prospects of future technology and the driving role of testing and measurement in the development of related technologies from the perspective of globalization. The content of the report covers Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks, complex frequency analysis, top-level analog-to-digital conversion technology, nano scale measurement, the integration of electronic and biological measurement Many frontier fields such as environmental protection and biogenic analysis

future electronic measurement: meet the needs of a variety of technology integration

Agilent has been standing at the forefront of testing and measurement science and technology, is the world's largest testing and measurement company, and is also the technology leader of the industry: from the 1930s to 1940s, Agilent challenged the physical limits of frequency, noise, bandwidth and so on; In the 1950s and 1960s, it challenged hot applications such as communication and Aerospace; In the 1990s, it led optical communication and Internet testing. Entering this century, Agilent is laying the foundation for the next 10 to 20 years of cutting-edge scientific and technological development

Dr. maxinyu, general manager of Agilent China Laboratory, said that the current wireless positioning sensor network products based on a variety of technology integration, such as spectrum analysis, time difference of arrival and precision clock synchronization technology, have gradually become practical, gradually solving the difficulties faced by traditional instruments in positioning broadband, low-power and frequency hopping wireless transmitters, and the cost is lower; The instrument interconnection technology based on wireless local area network has become mature, and the accuracy of timing synchronization is close to nanosecond, which makes it possible for remote telemetry and synchronous cooperation between various instruments

he said that at present, measurement is transforming from the requirement of giving faster and more accurate physical parameters to giving more accurate and more practical systematic analysis results. More and more engineers are not satisfied with complex multi parameter measurement. Their requirements for locating and measuring key parameters that affect system performance and giving possible correction results are becoming more and more urgent. The system is becoming more and more complex, with more parameters, The more difficult it is to solve this problem. Therefore, system level measurement, key parameter estimation, artificial intelligence based pattern recognition and visual visualization of key measurement information will play an increasingly important role in physical layer measurement, which is an important measurement development trend

the traditional electronic testing and measurement industry has always focused on signal collection, digitization and signal processing, and has made important breakthroughs and successes in these areas, such as extremely weak signal acquisition probes, analog-to-digital and digital to analog conversion chips with dozens of G samples per second, high-speed programmable logic arrays and special chips for digital signal processing, adaptive high-performance spectrum analysis algorithms, and so on. The emergence of these advanced technologies enables the new generation of high-speed oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and signal generators to meet many aspects, from optical communication, wireless communication to national defense and aerospace applications. Nevertheless, in the field of electronic testing and measurement, there are still many key problems that need to be broken through, such as system level measurement technologies such as wireless positioning sensor network, instrument interconnection, virtual instrument and precision clock synchronization technology, massive data compression, storage, retrieval and visualization technology, artificial intelligence technology close to human sensory measurement, etc., which are the focus of the R & D Department of the current testing and measurement industry

life science and chemical analysis and testing: meet the needs of food safety

due to some food induced diseases, consumers pay more attention to daily food safety, and the detection of food and components is becoming more and more common, which leads to a sharp increase in the number of chemical compound analysis and detection, and the corresponding detection instruments have also made rapid development

as the world's largest importer of food products, the European Union has a great impact on global food safety testing. The European Union ranks food safety first, while other countries and regions, such as Japan, have increasingly stringent requirements on food imports. Agilent's many life science and chemical analysis and testing products and technologies are applied to food safety testing. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, at present, the following three main laboratories are engaged in food safety testing: independent commercial laboratories, commercial laboratories (related to food producers and importers and exporters), government laboratories, and many laboratories are constantly seeking new methods to meet the testing needs of new compounds. Agilent provides various analytical instruments, systems and accessories for these laboratories, such as gas chromatography (GC) and gas mass spectrometry (gc/mc), high performance liquid chromatography (LC) and liquid mass spectrometry (lc/ms), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (for the detection of trace heavy metals, micro particles have the ability to penetrate the potential barrier, known as quantum tunneling effect and morphological analysis), which are widely used in the detection of food ingredients, food quality and food additives The field of food safety detection related to pollutants and residues is also used in the field of food authenticity detection and labeling

Dr. carlmyerholtz, a senior expert of Agilent laboratory, said that Agilent's research on life science focuses on genetics, proteology and metabolism, which require measuring a large number of compounds at the same time. Previously, they could only measure one protein in organisms. At present, with this basic index, they can measure many chemicals, which makes great progress in the research of new drugs and provides Agilent with a great opportunity. He also stressed that among the current new technologies in life science, the advancement of materials to nanotechnology will lead to the integration of electronic measurement and life science and chemical analysis

in addition, Agilent technology also provides testing equipment for drug testing in the sports field. Agilent provides analytical equipment for doping testing laboratories to help scientists identify, confirm and quantitatively analyze thousands of compounds in a large number of samples. The three main technologies of most drug testing laboratories are gas chromatography, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. These highly sensitive detection technologies ensure that every drug user cannot escape. At the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, Agilent technology will provide China Anti Doping center with first-class doping testing equipment, responsible for testing more than 4500 samples provided by athletes

establish Agilent University of science and technology: meet the needs of measurement talent training

Agilent University of science and technology was also officially established at the first Agilent science and technology festival. As the first enterprise university in the field of testing and measurement in China, Agilent University of technology relies on its industry-leading technology and nearly 70 years of management in the high-tech field. 2 The practice and innovation of serious oil leakage in the oil pressure system has established a comprehensive career development platform covering product technical training, scientific and technological qualification certification, business management and exchange and cooperation

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