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The integration of industrialization and informatization helps the upgrading of the IOT manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province. The integration of informatization and industrialization (the integration of industrialization and informatization) is a strategic topic put forward by the 17th CPC National Congress, and it is also an important means to build a modern IOT industrial system. The 11th Party Congress of Guangdong province takes "accelerating transformation and upgrading and building a happy Guangdong" as the future development direction of Guangdong

recently, with the research team of Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, they visited and investigated many enterprises in Guangdong Province, witnessing the change from quantity to quality brought by the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" to Guangdong manufacturing

"financial support four or two pounds"

walking in the spacious and tidy production workshop of Guangdong julun Mold Co., Ltd. in Jieyang, East Guangdong, I saw hundreds of large-scale CNC machine tools are "working" intensely, and only one technician of each machine tool is monitoring the changes of data and the working state of the machine tool. As the largest radial tire mold and tire machinery development and manufacturing enterprise in China, the giant ship mold has introduced advanced production and testing equipment from manufacturing powers such as Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the United States, and has carried out secondary development of its application program, so that these automatic production and testing equipment can achieve "seamless connection" with the information system of the giant ship mold

"if the automatic production equipment represents the human torso, then the information system represents the nerve center. It is precisely because of the deep integration of industrialization and informatization that the giant wheel mold has strong competitiveness in the industry. It occupies 70% of the market share of China's automobile tire mold export market, has been recognized by the world's top ten tire manufacturers, and has been included in its global procurement and supply system." Wuchaozhong, chairman of Guangdong julun mould Co., Ltd., told Nanfang

let Wu Chaozhong remember that points must be calculated.) what is still new is that the informatization construction of the giant ship mold has received strong support from the provincial Commission of economy and information technology. "Julun mould received a special fund of 1.5 million yuan for the integration of industrialization and industrialization. This fund has played an important role and strengthened the determination of julun Co., Ltd. in the construction of informatization. With this starting fund, julun mould, together with Guangdong University of technology, has developed its own informatization system."

shenzhixiong, director of the informatization promotion department of the Guangdong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, told that since 2008, Guangdong Province has allocated 200million yuan of special support funds for the modern information service industry every year, of which more than 30million yuan is dedicated to supporting the integration project of industrialization and industrialization in the manufacturing industry every year. Giant ship mold is one of the first 50 enterprises to receive special funds. It is precisely because of the strong promotion of the policy that the integration process of industrialization and industrialization in Guangdong manufacturing industry has taken the lead in the country, and a large number of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" models such as giant ship molds have emerged

"without the integration of industrialization and industrialization, the company has been eliminated"

due to the large number of traditional manufacturing industries in Guangdong, how to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries through the integration of industrialization and industrialization has a more practical significance for manufacturing in Guangdong

"dragged down by the appreciation of the RMB, the rise in raw material prices and the rise in labor costs, the average profit margin of the printing industry is only single digits, and many enterprises are losing money. However, yatushi's revenue and profit have maintained double-digit growth every year in recent years." Liang Yanguo, the managing director of Artus' parent company and Leo Paper Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., told this newspaper, "Artus had not started the construction of the integration of industrialization and industrialization a few years ago, and applied RFID RF technology in the warehousing and logistics link to significantly reduce logistics. 3. Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the ring steel tester is normal; cost, the application of monitoring system in the production link, and today the company has been eliminated."

for a simple example, Artus sends more than 160 containers a day, and a container has more than 40 pallets. Artus uses radio frequency identification technology. Each pallet has an RFID electronic tag, and each gate has RFID information reading equipment. When the pallet enters the container, if the green light is on, it indicates that the loading is correct; If the red light is on, it means that this pallet should not be loaded into this container. "Before the adoption of RFID technology, it is easy to install the wrong recycled plastic granulator, which is also a large energy consuming goods in China. With RFID technology, there will be almost no mistakes. This link alone has improved the efficiency by 60% and greatly saved the logistics cost." Liang Yanguo said

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