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The integration of agricultural machinery and agronomic technology "show your skills"

the weather is gradually warming, and the spring ploughing production is coming. It is time for agricultural machinery to show their skills again soon. In recent years, the key agricultural machinery technology promoted by Beijing in the production of field crops and facility crops has provided technical support for agricultural machinery preparation. The majority of producers should integrate agricultural machinery and Agronomic Technology in spring farming production, so as to effectively improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, and promote cost saving and efficiency increase in agricultural production

agricultural machinery and agronomic integration technology for spring maize production

the first planting mode is variety. The determination of specific varieties should be based on the local climate and soil conditions and agreed with the agricultural department. The following two points should be paid attention to when selecting varieties: ① spring maize should choose high-yield, high-quality and excellent hybrid varieties with strong drought resistance, disease resistance and stress resistance. The seeds should be cleaned and graded, seed coated, pelleted, etc. the seed purity should not be less than 98%, purity should not be less than 97%, and germination rate should be more than 95% for precision sowing; ② The varieties with early maturity and fast dehydration of late ear should be selected for grain corn, and the varieties with high biological yield should also be considered for silage corn. Second, cultivation methods. The planting row spacing is uniformly 60 cm, and the plant spacing is determined according to the standard density of varieties

fertilizer application technology, according to the nutrient needs of corn, the target yield, and the local soil nutrient content, jointly agree with the agricultural department on the type and amount of fertilizer. In order to adapt to mechanized operation, the moisture content of fertilizer should be within the normal fertilizer discharge range of the fertilizer spreader, so as to avoid blocking the fertilizer ejector and fertilizer guide pipe because the water is not chasing large and the total separation is too high. Granular organic fertilizer shall be used as base fertilizer, and centrifugal fertilizer spreader shall be used for spreading; Seed fertilizer shall be applied deeply with precision seeder and fertilizer applicator. In order to avoid seed burning, fertilizer shall be applied at least 6 cm directly below or below the side of the seed; The topdressing operation should be spread by the cultivator at the jointing stage (leaf) of corn

subsoiling and land preparation technology before sowing, carry out subsoiling and land preparation joint operation to improve the permeability of soil, deepen the arable layer, and improve the soil water storage capacity. The subsoiling depth should reach 30 cm. After subsoiling, the field surface should be flat and fine, and the upper part should be empty and the lower part should be solid

precision sowing technology is timely machine sown. Sowing can be started only when the local temperature reaches and stabilizes at 8 ℃ -12 ℃ and the soil moisture content (cm soil layer) is about 13%. In order to cooperate with the machine harvest operation, it is best to select the 4-row precision no till seeder for the sowing operation, and determine the seed amount in strict accordance with the standard density of varieties. During the precision sowing operation, the single seed rate is not less than 90%, and the hole rate is less than 1%

sweet potato ridging (film mulching) agricultural machinery and agronomic integration technology

preparation before sowing should depend on the type of ridging (film mulching) machine to determine whether to carry out mechanical tillage and land preparation before sowing. If the machine has rotary tillage function, it is not used; If the machine is not equipped with rotary tillage function, it is necessary to carry out tillage and land preparation. The general tillage depth is 30 cm

before the operation of ridging technology, all parts of the machine and tool should be adjusted to the appropriate position. During the operation, the ridging direction should be in the direction of the long direction of the plot as far as possible, so as to improve the working efficiency of the machine and tool. The distance between ridges is cm, the width of the bottom of the ridge is cm, the width of the top of the ridge is cm, and the height of the ridge is cm. The ridge shape should be straight, uniform, full and dense. The deep and narrow ridge and ditch is conducive to both drainage and drought prevention and tuber expansion

film covering technology the film covering operation and ridging operation are completed by the same machine at the same time. The mulch film should be a high-quality product with a width of CM and a thickness of 1. The unit weight of qualified insulation material is 48 to 60 kg per cubic meter, and the degree is 0.008 mm -0.014 mm. During the operation, the edge of the film should be covered with soil to ensure the tightness; At the same time, attention should be paid to the connection between the last meaning film to avoid the phenomenon of "broken film"

integration technology of agricultural machinery and Agronomy in open field cabbage production

fertilizer application technology according to the actual situation of cultivated land and the fertility requirements of open field cabbage production, carry out mechanized fertilization according to the key points of soil testing and formula fertilization technology. The base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by formula granular fertilizer. The organic fertilizer applicator or granular fertilizer applicator with appropriate specifications shall be selected according to the vegetable field area to carry out the operation

in order to meet the agronomic requirements of cabbage production and the requirements of mechanized transplanting, the technology of tillage and land preparation has successively used laser grader and combined grader to carry out leveling, rotary tillage and suppression operations, so as to ensure that the soil crushing rate of cultivated land before transplanting is greater than 90%

seedling technology according to the transplanting date and variety characteristics, do a good job in seedling management, and cultivate high-quality strong seedlings suitable for mechanized transplanting. In the process of raising seedlings in large-scale nursery, the seedling raising and sowing assembly line can be selected to improve the quality and efficiency of seedling raising and sowing. The hanging cup transplanter is used to carry out the transplanting operation, and it is recommended to use the seedling tray with about 72 holes to raise seedlings; The chain clamp transplanter is used to carry out the transplanting operation, and it is recommended to use the seedling tray with about 105 holes to raise seedlings. In addition, it should be noted that some transplanters at home and abroad have special requirements for seedling raising

the following two kinds of transplanters are usually used for transplanting technology: one is the chain clamp transplanter, which is suitable for transplanting vegetables in a large area of open ground; One is the hanging cup transplanter, which is suitable for film mulching transplanting in early spring and helps to increase temperature and preserve moisture

field management technology ① water and fertilizer: before transplanting, mechanical trenching operation needs to be carried out, and pipelines need to be buried. Pointer sprinkler irrigation is suitable for plots of 100 mu and above. Small scale plots are suitable for ground sprinkler irrigation. Drip irrigation pipes, film mulching and transplanting machines can be used for film mulching and transplanting. Drip irrigation pipes are laid during the transplanting process for drip irrigation under the film. ② In terms of plant protection: the spray bar spray is mainly used. After the ridge is sealed in the field, it is not convenient for the machinery to enter the ground for operation, and unmanned aerial vehicles can be used for plant protection and pesticide spraying

mechanized technology of water saving in dry farming

raking and increasing technology mechanical raking and increasing technology of soil moisture conservation is the most important drought prevention and drought relief measures in spring in arid and water shortage areas. In spring, soil moisture conservation by harrowing and increasing is mainly carried out during the thawing soil slurry return period in early spring. Generally, when the soil thaws to cm deep and freezes at night and in the daytime, the soil is raked on the top; It can also be raked before sowing to break the hardening, which is conducive to the timely sowing and emergence of crops. When raking in early spring to preserve soil moisture or after rain to break the hardening, the depth of raking should be cm; The depth of raking and stubble removal is generally cm; Rake and increase a few days before sowing, and the depth should not exceed the sowing depth

the best period of compaction is when a thin layer of crushed soil appears on the surface after compaction, and it is not suitable to use the soil that is too dry or too wet. Through the suppression, the land can meet the requirements of neat, loose, flat, moist, clean and broken, and the soil layer forms a virtual soil layer with a thickness of CM

water saving irrigation technology uses relevant machines and tools and facilities to ensure that crops are sown on time or field crops are irrigated in time through sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation, water planting and other methods. Pay attention to the following points: ① before irrigation, check the motor well, pump station, pipeline facilities and machinery and equipment, and calculate the reasonable irrigation flow and operation speed according to the crop demand and the water supply capacity of machinery and equipment; ② During irrigation, the operation shall be carried out according to the technical operation procedures of relevant machines and equipment, and the faults shall be eliminated at any time to ensure the safe operation of machines and equipment

facility deep ploughing mechanization technology

the deep ploughing mechanization technology of solar greenhouse adopts the facility deep plough to complete the facility deep ploughing operation, and the operation depth is cm (one time can be completed when the soil humidity is appropriate, and two times can be ploughed when the soil is too dry), which is cm deeper than the operation depth of the traditional micro cultivator. Facility deep ploughing breaks the plough bottom left by long-term traditional farming in the facility, plays the role of sterilization, increasing fertility, improving soil hardening, enhancing water storage capacity and facilitating the growth of deep root vegetables, and is especially suitable for fruit vegetable greenhouse tillage and land preparation

the mechanized technology of deep ploughing in plastic greenhouse uses a rotary cultivator with a width of 1.4 meters supporting a 35 horsepower tractor for operation. The operation depth can reach cm, which is more than cm deeper than the traditional micro cultivator. The operation efficiency is 10 times that of the traditional micro cultivator. It can realize deep ploughing of soil, break the bottom layer of the plow left by the traditional operation, provide a good soil structure for seedling transplantation, and play the role of increasing production and income

mechanized technology for ridging plastic greenhouse

the ridging operation of plastic greenhouse is completed by using a 35 horsepower greenhouse King Tractor with a 1.1 meter wide ridging machine. When ridging, it is supplemented by hydraulic pressure to make the ridge shape full and neat. The ridge width is within the inner edge distance of 354D tractor wheels, and the 354D research and development investment is relatively high. When the tractor passes again, it will not roll the ridge shape, which has good compatibility, and the operation efficiency is 72 times that of manual work. During operation, the ridge height is cm, the bottom width is cm, and the top width is cm. The productivity is mu/h

mechanized technology of film mulching transplanting

the tractor is equipped with a film mulching transplanter to complete the film mulching transplanting of vegetables. The operation of laying drip irrigation pipe, covering film, transplanting and watering can be completed in one time. The transplanting effect is good and the operation efficiency is high. Attention should be paid during operation: ① when changing lines, please arrange the seedling releasing personnel to leave the machines and tools to a safe area. It is strictly forbidden to turn sharply at high speed and turn when the raised transplanter is not completely off the ground; ② Observe the planting quality, send a stop signal to the tractor driver when problems are found, check the causes and take corresponding measures; ③ During the working process, the pressing wheel must press the ground at all times, so as to complete the operation of the transplanting device and soil covering. The hydraulic lifting device of the tractor must also be completely lowered

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