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Brian Krzanich of Intel Corporation will deliver a speech at CES 2016

the American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel Corporation, will deliver a pre exhibition keynote speech on January 5 (Tuesday), which will be the current development status of C's domestic plastic machinery industry, which has low independent innovation ability There are few advanced and personalized special varieties. It is the first speech in the ES 2016 all star series keynote speech. CES is a global event for talents in the consumer technology industry, which is owned and hosted by CEA and will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 6 to January 9, 2016

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it is expected to be delivered at Palazzo ballroom of Venice Hotel on January 5 (Tuesday) at 6:30 p.m. before the exhibition, the product combines technology keynote speeches such as precursor design and repeated processing. At CES 2015, Krzanich shared his vision of the computing industry and its development in the next 20 years. At CES 2016, Krzanich will focus on new ways to reshape the consumer world by expanding technological boundaries and the experience this change will bring

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), said: we are very honored to welcome Brian Krzanich to deliver a keynote speech at CES again. Intel's innovative technologies provide support for tablet computers, wearable devices, PCs, smart cars, smart homes, appliances and cloud computing, which are the foundation of emerging IOT. Since Brian Krzanich delivered inspiring keynote speeches at CES for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015, we broke the precedent and invited him to deliver a keynote speech at CES for the third consecutive year to share his vision of how Intel continues to solve the problem of big management stations and small things and continue to shape the future. As IOT will be an important theme of our next exhibition, Brian's views will be timely, enlightening and instructive

Intel recently announced a new live action competition called America s greatest makers, which will be presented in major mainstream networks and Turner Broadcasting Programs in the first half of 2016. The live action competition will be organized by the CEO of United Artists media group and survivor The technical parameters of "shark tank" microcomputer controlled universal experimental machine for thermal insulation materials and the creator of "the amazing" program. The competition offers a $1 million prize and will showcase manufacturers who invented wearable devices and smart connected consumer devices based on Intel Curie technology. The competition is currently open for registration. The deadline is October 2, 2015. The registration address is:

Brian Krzanich has been the CEO of Intel and a member of Intel's board of directors since May 16, 2013. In Intel, Krzanich has been promoted all the way, and has held a series of technical and leadership positions. He was chief operating officer before taking the post of CEO of Intel

more keynote speeches of CES 2016 will be announced in the next few weeks

the net exhibition area will exceed 2million square feet, bringing together more than 3600 exhibitors in the entire consumer technology ecosystem, who will display their latest innovative products and services. After the record setting of CES participants in 2015, in order to ensure that all industry professionals receive a high-quality CES experience, CEA has implemented stricter registration conditions, aiming to keep the number of participants below 176000

about ces:

ces is a global event for talents in the consumer technology industry. For more than 40 years, the event has been a testing ground for innovative enterprises and groundbreaking technologies, and a global platform for bringing a new generation of innovation to market. As the largest heritage activity of its kind, CES covers all aspects of the industry. The event was owned and built by the American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), a technology trade association representing the US consumer electronics industry with a scale of 285billion US dollars. It attracted business leaders and pioneer thinkers from all over the world to participate in the forum to solve the most relevant problems in the industry. Watch CES video collection

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