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Intel describes the third generation of Internet commerce

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[ChinaByte comprehensive news] at the 2000 spring Intel Developer Forum, Paul, executive vice president of Intel? Otellini described the third generation of Internet commerce to more than 2000 software and hardware developers. Otellini said that many companies have developed from the first generation of Internet Commerce (building stations) to the second generation of Internet Commerce (connecting their Internet servers with back-end systems, allowing customers to place orders on and track orders). He said, "in the third generation of Internet commerce, enterprises will use Internet technology to electronically manage the communication of suppliers in real time. As more companies use Internet to automate both ends of their business, changes in a supplier or client will be transmitted to others in the supply chain in real time, so as to promote the more effective flow of goods and services." PHA has been widely used in medical devices, blood sweat tube tissue engineering, nerve catheter tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering, cartilage tissue engineering, drug delivery vehicles and the second generation of medical care Internet commerce. A prominent problem is that enterprises must visit the supplier's stations one by one to order, and also collect and process the information they need through manual methods, so as to automate the business at the supplier's end. Otellini said that today's supplier centric Internet business model should have no problem. It will develop into a customer-centric business model, so that enterprises can more easily connect their businesses with more supplier systems. Otellini believes that enterprises need to be helped to establish flexible and operable business solutions, which can be expanded with the continuous development of the Internet economy. He said, "information technology managers will configure more servers to meet the increasing Internet business links and the rising data traffic. Knowledge workers will use powerful computers to integrate and analyze a huge amount of changing data. Users will use laptops and various wireless devices to connect with internet businesses. The future of Internet will emphasize adaptability and freedom of choice." Otellini said that Intel is developing technology and establishing a solution center for the third-generation mutual business with a total exhibition area of 35000 square meters, so as to seamlessly connect various hardware and software products to serve customers

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