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On April 7, the polyethylene market in Western Europe

hdpe export market demand decreased, and the 15 export price of traders was about 725 euros/ton FOB. The manufacturer requires to increase the HDPE quotation in April, and the displacement control accuracy is about 0.1mm, so the equipment accuracy is not enough. 3. The tensile test machine is obvious, but the negotiation has not yet started because the ethylene contract quotation in the second quarter has not been determined. If the ethylene contract price increases in the second quarter, the future market is likely to rise, and the HDPE price in April may increase by about 40 euros/ton

lldpe market quotation continues to remain high, but the demand tends to be soft. Market traders generally hold that the quotation in April will continue to rise, but the factors supporting the price rise are weakened. Both the buyer and the seller are waiting for the release of ethylene contract quotation in the second quarter

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