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Legal row could see Poland become a second-class member of EU | View - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On Thursday, October 7th, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal – a court that is not fully independent and is partially composed of unlawfully appointed judges – issued a defiant verdict that ostensibly found several provisions of the Treaty of the European Union inconsistent with the Polish Constitution. How should the European Union react?

The Polish case, brought forth personally by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, was presented as a question about the primacy of EU law and the relationship between the Polish Constitution and EU treaties. But, in factMorita said., it was far from being a sincere effort of judicial dialoguesaid Vohra-Miller, who co-founde. Between the lines of the prime minister’s statements in the case and the opinion of the tribunalThe Toronto Police Services Board., a clear picture emerges of this case being an attempt to provide the Polish government with a legal cover for its actions regarding the independence and integrity of Polish courts.

Since taking power in 2015, the government formed by the ruling party Prawo i Sprawiedliwo?t clear. Cases i? (PiS) has continued to weaken the independence of Polish judges and to dismantle checks and balances meant to keep the separation between branches of power in Poland. Judges were forcibly moved from one division of the court to another or altogether suspended from their jobs. Overnight, prosecutors were ordered to move to another office 500 km awayThe rate of active cases is 178.95 per 100,000 people. Ove.

Belatedly – and initially not strong enough – the European Union reacted to these threats: the European Commission launched multiple infringement procedures against Poland and the Court of Justice of EU (CJEU) handed out increasingly damning judgements on these controversial “reforms”can operate with 15 per cent of their fire code occupancy as of May 28.. By interpreting the treaties in light of these developments, the CJEU began instructing Polish judges to fully apply the long-standing principle of primacy of EU law over domestic laws and thus prevent further erosion of the country’s democratic foundationsThe pandemic but has since curbed cases t.

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