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The European Union reached an agreement on the packaging specifications of milk and other food

recently, the 25 member states of the European Union finally reached an agreement on the packaging specifications of food in Brussels after arduous negotiations

the 25 EU countries unanimously agreed to the proposal put forward by Gunter verhengen, the EU Commissioner in charge of industry, which is mainly due to the simplification of regulations with the increase of cold rolling processing rate, and agreed to no longer implement strict weight or advantageous capacity standards of pressure shear testing machines for milk, sugar, etc., so as to facilitate the import and export trade among EU Member States. Except wine and alcoholic beverages

according to this agreement, the mandatory packaging provisions for daily necessities such as milk, butter, coffee and macaroni will be maintained for 5 years, and sugar for 6 years. The transition period of 5 or 6 years provides SMEs with enough time to refit production lines. The agreement will replace the existing domestic regulations of 25 countries and two directives of the European Commission. This decision needs to be discussed and adopted by the European Parliament for the second time

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information source: Guomen times

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