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Which is better to evaluate the boss 26a7+58b1/58g6 or 27a5+58b1/58g6? What's the difference?

boss's best-selling smoking machine recommendation: boss 26a7+58b1/58g6 and 27a5+58b1/58g6, Specifically, these two solid strides forward M (referring to the length of the product cable, which is the best smoking machine? What's the difference? Let's take a look at the difference introduction and configuration comparison, hoping to help friends who need reference and comparison.

I. The difference between boss 26a7+58b1/58g6 and 27a5+58b1/58g6?

the two boss smoking machines are not very different in fact, the main difference is that the time of listing is different. This boss 27a5+58b1/58g6 is the latest one to be launched, and other configurations are the same, which is the big reason Customers' needs are different, and families can choose according to their own needs and preferences

boss 26a7+58b1/58g6 user evaluation; 27a5+58b1/58g6 start friend evaluation

II. Boss 26a7+58b1/58g6 and 27a5+58b1/58g6 parameter comparison:

1. It is necessary to test the non specific elongation strength Rp0.2 or the specified total elongation strength RT boss 26a7+58b1/58g6

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