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Evaluation: chuwi/Chi is Hi8 Pro dual system WiFi 32GB 8-inch use experience

chuwi/Chi is also suitable for manufacturing medical utensils that need to be disinfected for several times The medical device is Hi8 Pro dual system WiFi 32GB. It's not necessary to reduce the cost by 8 inches to avoid forming a bubble board in the parts. The computer win10/Android

Microsoft system HD perspective office entertainment super value pop-up collection has exceeded 10000

let me talk about how I feel about using this chuwi/Chi Hi8 Pro dual system WiFi 32GB 8 inches:

I originally wanted to buy Android, but I didn't expect win10 to feel better than Android, so keep it the same. Android has installed learning machine software for his son to learn, use, play, watch videos and cut. It costs about $20billion in medical expenses every year to change to win10, and expand to the living room TV with mirco HDMI. Learning and entertainment are so cool. It would be better if the configuration could be higher Expand to view detailed evaluation comments

chuwi/Chi is Hi8 Pro dual system WiFi 32GB 8 inch configuration parameters [View official promotion quotation]

Product Name: chuwi/Chi is Hi8 Pro

number of cores: four cores

brand: chuwi/Chi is

model: Hi8 Pro

screen size: 8.0 inches

storage capacity: 32GB

operating system: win10/Android dual system

touch screen type: capacitive screen

memory capacity: 2GB

manufacturer: Intel

source: lexuezhai it hot sales guide


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