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The European Union will ban coniferous wood packaging

the European Union recently announced an emergency measure to restrict the import of packaging materials made of non-human coniferous wood from China, Canada, the United States and Japan by setting balance valves on the oil return road from October 1 this year. The purpose of this move is to prevent conifer wood packaging from bringing pine to package weight reduction wood nematodes into Europe, endangering plants and agricultural products and damaging the environment

the European Union stipulated in the emergency measures: all wood packaging materials such as wooden boxes and large wooden boxes from the above four countries should not have bark and worm holes with a diameter greater than 3mm. The wood should be dried to make the moisture content of the wood less than 20%

emergency measures call all non artificial coniferous wood other than cypress wood as "vulnerable wood". These wood must be specially treated as cargo packaging, otherwise they will be refused entry or destroyed

EU emergency measures require that "vulnerable wood" must undergo heat treatment before entering the country, including at least baking at 56 ℃ with a roughness of 1.6~0.830 minutes, so that the moisture content of the wood is less than 20%; Impregnate "vulnerable wood" with approved chemicals and special technology; After fumigation and disinfection treatment, or indicate where and by what organization approved chemicals and special technology to conduct infiltration treatment on "vulnerable wood", or indicate where and by what organization to conduct fumigation and disinfection treatment. Only those goods that have undergone the above-mentioned processing procedures and attached with the above-mentioned wooden packaging can enter the EU

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