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The European Union postponed the implementation date of the regulations on peeling wood packaging

the European Union issued a circular on February 13, 2006, informing the European Commission of the revision of the Council Directive 2000/29/ec on protective measures against the introduction and spread of plant pests. This amendment will postpone the implementation date of the peeling provisions for wood packaging in Annex 4 of the directive to January 1st, 2009. In 2005, the European Union decided that 1. According to the specific situation, 1. The effective date of the peeling regulation was postponed to March 1st, 2006 in directive 2005/15/ec of the Council on removing the post fracture samples, but FS believed that many trading countries, including developing countries, requested further extension to avoid interrupting trade. The European Union decided to set the deadline for peeling requirements as January 1st, 2009 in order to give the international community sufficient time to reassess the phytosanitary risk of bark. At the same time, the European Commission will also pay close attention to the revision of ISPM15 on the existing provisions on bark in wood packaging materials

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