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Evaluation: asus/ASUS f X50 Flying Fortress ultra-thin Game Book laptop 15.6 inches

asus/ASUS f X50 Flying Fortress ultra-thin Game Book laptop 15.6 inches

let me talk about my feelings about using this asus/ASUS f fx50 Flying Fortress ultra-thin game book in just half a month:

it has been specially evaluated for a long time. First of all, the appearance is particularly domineering. The red totem pattern is good-looking, and the machine is also very thin. I ran several mainstream game tests and didn't get stuck at all. It was great to play. In general, the cost performance was good Expand to view the detailed evaluation comments,

ASUS/ASUS f fx50 Flying Fortress ultra thin Game Book configuration parameters [view the official optimization, everyone knows that the tensile testing machine is generally physical data, and the quotation after testing the coupon]

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

applicant name will be listed as the key development object: ASUS Computer Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: ASUS Computer Co., Ltd.

Product Name: notebook computer

3C product model: see the annex

Product Name: asus/ASUS f fx50

energy efficiency grade: class I

brand: asus/ASUS

model: fx50 x50

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel core/core IH

graphics card type: independent graphics card/nvidia? GeForce? Gtx950m

video memory capacity: 4GB

mechanical hard disk capacity: 500GB

memory capacity: 4GB

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