Acrylonitrile price in East China in late March

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Acrylonitrile price in East China in late March

there was no hot spot in the acrylonitrile market in East China this week, and the price continued to sort out on the basis of last week. From March 21 to March 27, the market reference price was about 13100-13300 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week

acrylonitrile market characteristics this week:

1 acrylonitrile market trading volume continues to shrink, and the price cannot rise without the intervention of buyers

2 the social inventory of acrylic fiber continues to increase, which forms a certain pressure on the price of acrylonitrile and cannot attract the intervention of distributors

3 East cathode material enterprises directly transmitted the pressure of raw material price rise to downstream battery customers, and the price of acrylonitrile in South Asia rose slightly. On March 23, the price was about $1400/ton, up $10 per ton from last week

in the future, it is expected that

improve the scientific management level. Due to the large supply of acrylonitrile market in the near future, and under the condition that the downstream market has not improved, it is expected that the acrylonitrile price in the utilization industry alliance area of Taolu new material diesel engine will still be sorted out at the current price in East China next week

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