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Evaluation: 3M water purifier household kitchen water purifier if the oil pipe is broken, how about Jingxiang 2000 high-end direct drinking filter tap water

3m water purifier household please re tension the tension wheel; Kitchen water purifier Jingxiang 2000 high-end direct drinking filter faucet tap water

on November 11, 1699 yuan to buy WMF frying pan

one month's experience: the goods should be authentic in terms of packaging and appearance, express delivery, installation are in place, gifts have also been delivered in time, and the quality is very good. It just feels like there is only one filter element and an activated carbon filter barrel, which costs thousands of yuan. It's really expensive! What you buy is the brand. I don't know how to test the water quality. I packed two bottles of water. The red one is filtered, and the unmarked one is tap water. It looks no different?! I don't know the difference between standing for a few days. Businesses should send gadgets to test water quality, otherwise they are really confused that this needs to change

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product parameters:

Product Name: 3M DWS 2000-cn

water purifier brand: 3M

model: dws1. Purpose of the experiment: Determination of yield strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of metal anchor rod and anchor cable tensile experiment 2000-cn

classification: water purifier

water related approval document approval number: DWS 2000-cn

Article Number: DWS 2000-cn

Color Classification: original machine

working principle: activated carbon

filter element: stainless steel filter nanofiltration

position of use: terminal water purification

efficacy: direct drinking

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