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Which is better to evaluate and compare the newly launched P8 and T6 of TCL? What's the difference

tcl TV P8 and T6. Please remove the oil collector and add a gasket between the retractor and the pump body when the oil collector is heated. The main difference is that the time of listing is different. The National Convention and Exhibition Center, which is also located in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, officially opened in 2015. The appearance is a little different, and the functions are the same. My home is starting with this TCL 65t6m. Size: suitable audio-visual effect: clear picture, Voice convenience is really cost-effective. The lowest price of 65 inch physical stores is more than 6000. This is really the right one, with clear picture quality and convenient voice function

tcl TV t6m series go to tmall to check the activity quotation and comment "," for the reference of friends who need it

tcl TV P8 series JD activity quotation and comment details "," I hope it can help you compare the price

II. TCL TV P8 and T6 hot model quotation and comment:

1, TCL TV P8

reference price: ¥ 3799.00 (check JD activity quotation)

user comment: the TV picture is clear, The color is rich. The whole scene has not been tried yet. The voice work is very good. The delivery is timely. The master installed it on the day of receipt. It is a very good shopping. The whole family likes it very much

2. TCL TV t6m

reference price: ¥ 4999.00 (check tmall activity quotation)

user comments: received the goods, the TV screen is so big, clear and bright. Value for money! Better than expected! TV AI system is very easy to use! Very convenient! The service provided by the store was also very good

III. summary of advantages and disadvantages:

tcl TV P8 and T6 have little difference in general. The advantages of TV: full-time AI speaker, easy to wake up in a sentence; Full scene Ai TV allows you to experience the same technological feeling that the national "1025 plan" clearly puts forward the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction; The new generation of comprehensive screen reflects the beauty of art and technology; The image quality is healthier and can effectively care for your eyes; Optimize the scene, improve the image quality and make it more beautiful; 4k+ full dynamic HDR, showing you clearly; Film and television content is rich and updated quickly. Disadvantages: through the use of this period of time, no other disadvantages have been found

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