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Design and development of beer canning monitoring system

[Abstract] this paper analyzes the beer canning process, puts forward the structural composition of the beer canning process monitoring system, designs its application software with the development system of Kingview 5.1, and explains some of the software

in recent years, the demand for beer in China has increased day by day. In order to meet this market demand, domestic beer manufacturers are trying to expand production scale, reduce production costs and improve production quality. With the continuous expansion of beer production scale, the process parameters and control circuits are gradually increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive information management of enterprises and the automatic control of production process, so that the current production line adopts the manual inspection of each control point, and the manual adjustment method after finding problems is far from meeting the increasing beer production scale, canning quality Requirements for the increasingly improved canning accuracy (there are certain uncertain factors in such manual inspection, such as the time delay for operators to find problems, the error of eye observation, workers' hearts, etc. all affect the accuracy of various parameters in the canning process). Therefore, it is particularly important to develop the automatic monitoring system of beer canning production line

in view of the above reasons, we have developed a "monitoring system for beer canning process", which is a computer monitoring system integrating group network communication technology, monitoring technology and monitoring technology. The process parameters of each measurement and control point, the dynamic graphics and dynamic images of the production process are displayed on the computer screen of the canning monitoring operation station in real time. The adjustment and decision-making personnel at all levels can timely understand the production process, straighten out each production link, statistically analyze the daily production progress, accurately judge the cause of the accident, and improve labor productivity. Through the visual and interactive working mode of the system, the ability of monitoring and identifying emergencies can be improved

1. Beer canning process

beer is an aerated beverage. In order to prevent the loss of CO2 gas in the canning process, the canning method used in the canning process is isobaric canning method, that is, inflate the packaging container first, so that the pressure in the container and the liquid in the liquid storage tank are filled into the container. The liquid storage cylinder is fully enclosed, which is composed of three chambers: liquid storage chamber, back pressure air chamber and air return chamber. Before delivering the liquid to the liquid storage tank, first inject compressed gas (sterile air or CO2) into the liquid storage tank to maintain a certain pressure (0.1~0.9mpa) in the gas chamber of the liquid storage tank. The gas pressure must be equal to or slightly higher than the saturation pressure of the dissolved amount of CO2 in the liquid material to dissolve the CO2 in the material. Isobaric canning can reduce the loss of CO2, maintain the flavor and quality of aerated beverages, prevent excessive foaming in canning, and ensure the accuracy of packaging dose. Large and more advanced canning equipment adopts rotary full-automatic canning and capping machine. The canning process is as follows: the empty bottles are cleaned by the full-automatic cleaning machine, transported to the canning area through the conveyor belt, and enter the operation process of the canning capping machine. Under the action of the star wheel, the bottles go through the processes of rising, sealing, filling CO2 gas, filling beer, falling, etc., and then go through the work of the star wheel, enter the capping machine for capping, and then send out of the canning area through the conveyor belt

some technical parameters in the canning process are:

the maximum canning temperature of beer is 4 ℃

the canning pressure of general-purpose beer bottles is not less than 0.5MPa, and the canning pressure of special-purpose beer bottles is not less than 0.35Mpa

the bottle damage rate in the packaging process is less than 0.5%

co2 loss rate is not greater than 0.1

the qualification rate of gland shall not be less than 99.5%

the control system should ensure that no bottles or broken bottles are canned

the capping station cannot lower the cap without a bottle

2. Structural design of the system

the beer canning production line is composed of monitoring operation station, on-site computer server, data i/o control board, PLC, sensor, transmitter, actuator, etc., as shown in Figure 1

the working principle of the system is: upload the data of sensors, proximity switches and field instruments to PLC or data measurement and control board, and control the work of the actuator through predetermined program control or algorithm adjustment, which has achieved the purpose of closed-loop feedback control. At the same time, the real-time data in the PLC or data i/o measurement and control board will also be sent to the monitoring workstation through the communication between the on-site computer server and the monitoring workstation, and will be displayed in real time on the monitoring screen of the monitoring workstation. The system can run on the Ethernet network structure and tcp/ip network protocol, so that users can realize upper and lower computers and higher-level factory level local or wide area. The system adopts the dual computer hot backup technology. The so-called dual computer hot backup is that the host and the slave are connected through the tcp/ip network. Under normal circumstances, the host is in the working state, and the slave is in the monitoring state. Once the slave finds that the host is abnormal, the slave will replace the host in a very short time, conduct real-time monitoring by AVIC composites Co., Ltd. and save historical data. When the host is repaired and restarted, the slave will monitor to the primary recovery, The data lost by the host will be automatically copied to the host. At the same time, the slave will be in the monitoring state again

3. Software design of the monitoring system

this monitoring system integrates data acquisition and control. The image running on the upper filling monitoring operation station is an application program developed by using the configuration software Kingview version 5.1

(1) introduction to Kingview software

Kingview is the first influential configuration software development company in China. It provides a resource manager type operation main interface, and provides a variety of hardware drivers. It runs in windows98/nt environment, and has powerful graphic functions, rich animation connection methods, real-time database operation ability, powerful language programming Fast and convenient dynamic data exchange (DDE) and data exchange (i/o) services with external devices. The "Kingview" software package is composed of touchexplore and touchview

the engineering browser is a development environment. Its function is to develop the monitoring screen, simulate the process flow to be monitored on the development platform, set their respective attributes and dynamically connect their corresponding data


picture operation system is a process monitoring environment, which connects the monitoring pictures developed in the engineering browser with real-time data, and dynamically exchanges them according to their respective data, so as to display the progress of the site and dynamically change the preset values in the program. The data processing flow is shown in Figure 2

(2) design process of system software

in modern integrated monitoring system, any large and medium-sized control system is required to have a visual, intuitive and good human-computer interaction interface. We make full use of the function of KINGVIEW5.1, construct the system engineering graphics and design the monitoring screen according to the monitoring requirements of the system. The monitoring system running on the canning production monitoring station is composed of several monitoring images. We compile it with the idea of convenience, practicality and perfect function. The system block diagram is shown in Figure 3

a. design of the main screen of canning monitoring

according to the technological process of beer canning, use the rich library and tools provided by KINGVIEW5.1 to draw a visual main screen of canning production. From the main screen, you can display the overview of the system, such as the pressure and liquid level in the liquid storage cylinder of the beer canning machine, the opening of the wine delivery valve, the operation level of the operator, the real-time change curve and bar graph of the pressure and liquid level in the liquid storage cylinder, etc

b. construct the database

before constructing the database, first set the external data exchange equipment (such as i/o board card, PLC intelligent instrument, intelligent module, etc.), set the communication mode, device address and logical name of these external equipment, and then construct the database. When constructing a database, the type of i/o input/output exchange can be based on data variables such as sensors and drivers. It is defined as memory discrete variable, i/o discrete variable, memory real variable, i/o integer variable, memory string variable, i/o string variable, etc. In this system, the liquid level and pressure in the liquid storage cylinder are defined as i/o real variables, and are connected with the input equipment to receive the signal input by the sensor

c. establish animation connection

in order to monitor the changes of various variables in the beer canning production process in real time, it is necessary to establish the relative relationship between the picture elements and the database, such as establishing the relationship between the liquid level and pressure in the liquid storage cylinder and the corresponding variables in the database, so that the data obtained from the sensor can be displayed on the screen of the canning monitoring operation station in real time, It visually reflects the state of each control point in the canning production process

d. establish an alarm window

the alarm window is used to reflect the abnormal changes of variables, automatically monitor the variables that need to be alarmed, and display them in the alarm window when abnormalities occur. The alarm window is divided into real-time alarm window and historical alarm window. The real-time alarm window only displays the current alarm events, and the historical alarm events can only be viewed through the historical alarm window

the alarm function will alarm according to the input volume of hydraulic pressure and pressure in the liquid storage cylinder during the canning process of one set of 9 special tools, and the changes of factors such as deviation and change rate compared with the preset value of the system, and record the reason and information of the alarm together with the name of the operator and the operation process at the same time, so as to recall and analyze afterwards, The above alarm functions can be conveniently realized by using various alarm methods provided by Kingview

e. establish a trend curve

the trend curve is used to reflect the change of data variables over time, which can carefully describe each change of production process values, and display the production status and trend in a period of time in the form of a curve. The trend curve is divided into real-time trend curve and historical trend curve. The data on the real-time trend curve changes with time at a glance, which can quickly reflect the new changes of data variables; The historical trend curve completes the observation of the historical data of 6.1 ear rate measurement, and establishes the real-time trend curve and historical trend curve of the liquid level and pressure in the liquid storage cylinder in the tank monitoring system

f. system parameter setting

in order to meet the requirements that the full-automatic canning capping machine can canning a variety of beverages under different conditions and the canning parameters can be adjusted in real time, the parameter setting interface of the system is designed in the canning monitoring system. Through this interface, the type of canned beverages can be set, the pressure and liquid level in the liquid storage cylinder can be set, and the main motor speed of the full-automatic canning capping machine can be set

g. generate data report

data report is the record and reflection of variable status in the production process. It outputs variable values and other information specified by the user in a certain format. Through the data report, we can understand the variable status information and the production of beer in the production process, and print the required report, which is convenient for query and analysis. Kingview 5.1 can be used to design real-time data report and historical data report. Real time data report can generate report files in real time by installing the current data variables in the specified report format; The historical data report is used to record the variable value of the data file. The user can take out the historical data variables in the past period of time to generate a data report file

h. safety protection design

in order to enhance the safety of system engineering and prevent man-made

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