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Design and application of packaging paper although the design of packaging paper is planar, it can show a three-dimensional effect when packaging goods. A few scattered goods are packed into a package, which is conducive to handling. At the same time, the wrapped goods are on the way back, which is conducive to the publicity of the store

in Japan, all kinds of stores are prepared with independently designed wrapping paper, which is rarely seen in other countries in the world. In overseas markets, it is very common to put goods in strong plastic bags or wax paper bags. In addition to Japan, Italy and Britain also use wrapping paper

in the United States, no matter what shop you buy, all the items you buy are thrown into large, solid wax paper bags. However, wrapping paper is still available in the United States. For example, for gifts, especially gifts at Christmas, special luxurious wrapping paper with gold foil is used. There are many kinds of wrapping paper. Buy your favorite colors or patterns in the gift wrapping paper mall to wrap the goods you buy. Therefore, the shop name, trademark, shop address and all matters related to advertising are not included on the packaging paper

since the packaging paper is a printed matter prepared for packaging goods, the effect of its three-dimensional automatic and full-automatic spring tension and compression experimental machine manufactured by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. should be considered in the design. Therefore, the development of high-performance polypropylene modification technology faces great challenges

therefore, the design of packaging paper needs to be suitable for the following matters: 1) conform to the business attitude and show the effect suitable for customers; 2) Have the shape and color to give customers a good impression; 3) No matter how big or shaped the package is, the consistent visual characteristics must not be destroyed; 4) The printing color does not fall off, that is to say, choose 5 overload protection functions: when the load exceeds 3 (5)% of the maximum value of each gear, choose good quality printing ink and paper; 5) Paper must have a certain toughness, and do not damage the packaging halfway

if the above conditions are met, the packaged goods can be moved in and out of the street and in the traffic vehicle, which can be used as an activity advertisement to spread the image of the store or goods

in fact, wrapping paper is a multi area figure. No matter what shape it is wrapped into, the graphics as the main body should be expressed through equal faces. Therefore, the basic quadrilateral continuous pattern has always been used for repeated design drawings. This kind of continuous pattern as the basic idea is not easy to produce new creativity or personality. Recently, instead of the repetition of regular units, the use of all visually ordered designs is gradually increasing

this free design method takes the plane effect into account as the vertical shape. Although it is not as simple as the continuous pattern, it can extend the charm of the plane to the three-dimensional situation. In the pattern unit of packaging paper, in addition to graphics, the words of trademark, store name, business type, number, location, etc. will also be included in the visual elements. These words and graphics are integrated to form the pattern unit, which is the most effective. It's not good if the trademark or text is too thick or too thin. We should also consider the positional relationship of the graphics. Wrapping paper is a kind of service for customers. Therefore, it is the most important to make guests have a pleasant visual effect. It can make customers feel close and distinguish them from other stores

wrapping paper is a kind of continuous consumables, which may be a considerable expenditure, but the difference between it and other publicity media funds is that other publicity is set up for future sales expansion, which is also an unknown expenditure. However, wrapping paper is used for goods that have been sold, so it is more or less a cost with certain benefits. The large consumption of wrapping paper shows that the selling rate of goods is high and there are many benefits

therefore, as a service, the packaging paper should be strong and white as far as possible, and the color effect should be applied to deepen customers' confidence in the business, and at the same time, the taste and style of the store can be fully displayed

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