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Analysis of the impact of packaging unitization technology on modern military logistics

the formation of military logistics science can always be said to originate from the military field. In the military field, logistics is a logistics means to support war and the movement of military materials accompanied by war and battlefield transfer. With the development of military science, modern military logistics has been incorporated into the military economic system, so that its extension not only involves politics, military, but also inevitably involves economic activities

military logistics refers to the whole process in which military materials are finally controlled, used and consumed by the army to complete their design and use functions and realize their space transfer through financing, packaging, transportation, storage, handling, distribution and other support links. The packaging unit has been completed before modern military logistics guarantees military forces, and is integrated into the whole process of military logistics in its inherent form, becoming the bridge and link between military materials and military forces; All kinds of support operation means of military logistics directly act on packaging, and effectively guarantee military forces through the "media" function of packaging

the impact of packaging unitization on modern military logistics is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. Packaging unitization is the starting point of modern military logistics

packaging unitization, that is, a certain number of primary packaging is assembled into units according to certain standards, and its unit shape is maintained in the whole military logistics system, so as to facilitate the storage, stacking, loading and unloading, handling and transportation of military materials, and create conditions for modern military logistics. Logistics research believes that the relationship between packaging and logistics is much closer than that between packaging and production. Packaging enters the logistics system, which is a new concept of modern logistics. From the perspective of the whole process of military physical logistics, such as the sending and allocation of military materials such as equipment, oil, weapons and ammunition, and military supplies, packaging modularization is at the beginning of the military logistics process and the starting point of modern military logistics. Only after the completion of packaging unit, can military materials have the ability of logistics. In the whole logistics process, packaging unit plays a role in protecting military materials and facilitating logistics, and finally realizes supply and guarantee. In this sense, the impact of packaging unit on modern military logistics is crucial

2. The process of packaging unitization affecting the operation of modern military logistics

military logistics is not only a process of creating military benefits, but also a process of creating economic benefits. In order to provide the best military economic efficiency in the military logistics process, we must ensure that all stages and links of the military logistics process are optimized. To optimize the military logistics process, we should first optimize the individual activities in the process of military logistics system; Secondly, the whole military logistics should be optimized on the basis of monomer optimization. Packaging unitization is not only an element (or subsystem) of the whole military logistics system, but also involves the whole process of military logistics, such as transportation, loading and unloading, storage, distribution, use and other links. They are interrelated and interactive, and this relationship is not a simple addition, but may be mutually reinforcing or weakening. The practice and experience of military logistics in modern war have proved that packaging unit has a very important impact on the optimization and smoothness of military logistics process

3. Packaging unitization affects the efficiency of modern military logistics organization structure.

the characteristics of modern war are constantly changing. The environment in which military materials are located is worse, requiring longer transportation distance, faster speed, larger quantity and higher quality of supply. In addition, the battlefield visibility greatly improves the understanding of the air separation of impact testing machines, which brings unprecedented difficulties to the operation of modern military logistics. Modern high-tech war fully shows that the era of large-scale mechanized forces fighting in dense formation is about to pass, and the decentralized attack and long-range attack by light armed forces with high mobility have become the main combat style of modern war. Accordingly, the organizational structure of military logistics is becoming smaller and modular. Therefore, whether the packaging can be stored and transported according to the unit, modular supply and unit combination, and whether it can better provide protection and camouflage for military materials and facilitate the circulation and use will directly affect whether the various stages and links of the modern military logistics process can achieve the best efficiency

4. Packaging unit is the premise and foundation of realizing the modernization of military logistics.

the technical level of military logistics is directly related to the establishment and operation of modern military logistics system, and affects the play of various functions of military logistics activities. Logistics integration technology is the core content and main way of modern military logistics systematization. Packaging unitization is a logistics form that carries out various activities in the whole logistics process in the form of container units and carries out comprehensive and comprehensive management. It effectively combines the original discrete logistics links into a whole. It is not only a form of packaging, but also far beyond the scope of packaging; It is not only a form of transportation or storage, but also a breakthrough in the key technology of large-scale transportation or storage as high-performance separation membrane materials. Modularization runs through the whole process of modern military logistics, plays a role in the whole process, and is the chain and link connecting all links of the whole logistics. The modernization of military logistics is inseparable from unitization. Packaging unitization is the premise and foundation for our army to realize the modernization of military logistics technology

5. The impact of packaging unitization on the quality and safety of military logistics objects

military materials are different from civilian materials, especially combat ready military materials and equipment. According to the deployment of military forces and strategic considerations, packaging should effectively protect the use value of logistics objects in any region and in any environment. Only by playing an effective protective role can military materials complete the logistics process without damage. The protective function of the packaging unit: first, to prevent the damage and deformation of military materials in the logistics process. The impact, vibration and turbulence in the process of military logistics always affect the quality and safety of military materials, which requires that the packaging unit can withstand the effects of various forces in the process of loading, unloading, transportation and storage. For example, cushioning packaging and shockproof packaging units can reduce or reduce the harm of impact and vibration, and improve the logistics "brittleness" of military materials. The second is to prevent chemical changes of military materials in the logistics process. In the process of logistics, military materials are easy to be affected or destroyed by adverse inducing factors such as temperature, humidity and salt in the circulation environment, causing corrosion of metal parts in military materials, insulation failure of electronic devices, aging of plastic and rubber products, fogging and mildew of optical instruments, and mildew of military cotton and linen products, thus reducing the reliability of the quality of military materials in the process of military logistics. The moisture-proof packaging, mildew proof packaging and other packaging units of military materials can play a role in blocking water, solution, moisture, light, corrosive gases in the air to a certain extent, and protect the environment and atmosphere. Third, enhance the security protection capability of military logistics system. In modern war, the wide application of highly transparent and highly accurate guided weapons in the battlefield has greatly threatened the safety of military objects. Therefore, the protection role of the packaging unit is not only reflected in the safety of the contents, but also reflected in the effective concealment and camouflage of military physical logistics, so as to enhance the safety protection ability of military logistics process, Improve the survivability of military logistics system under high-tech conditions

6. The influence of packaging unitization on the storage link in the process of military logistics

the storage link in modern military logistics is to ensure the daily training and operational needs of military forces, and to reserve a certain amount of military materials in advance. It is the material basis to maintain the timeliness and continuity of military force support. The storage and matching of military materials is to adopt the packaging unit technology and use the preset storage means to decompose the service work in the support of military forces in wartime, such as requisition calculation, inventory and distribution, into the storage links of military forces in peacetime, so that the modern army can not provide solutions and can not operate the layout of storage links in the logistics of chemical enterprises in the customized mode of terminal market, which is more reasonable and scientific. Therefore, in the process of modern military logistics, we should change the idea of "giving priority to warehouse storage and supplemented by packaging protection" in the past, and gradually establish a new mode of "giving priority to packaging protection and paying equal attention to warehouse storage"

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