The world's first rubber wood scientific research

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The world's first rubber wood scientific research and culture center will be located in Nankang

release date: Source: China wood industry information

recently, it was learned that in order to give full play to the advantages of Nankang furniture industry cluster, promote the development of rubber wood furniture industry, and extend the advantageous industrial chain channels, China Wood conservation and development center and rubber wood industry alliance will jointly build the world's first rubber wood scientific research and culture center in Nankang home town

it is understood that the center will display new products, new technologies, new processes and industrial scientific research level of Hevea brasiliensis by relying on new media such as TV, electronic touch screen, live webcast and various exhibition forms such as exhibition boards and physical displays, so as to systematically reflect the development history of Hevea brasiliensis industry, the distribution of world Hevea brasiliensis resources, and the status and characteristics of Hevea brasiliensis in China's wood, The relationship between the development of the bakelite industry and the national "the Belt and Road" initiative and the construction of ecological civilization, shows the outstanding contributors of the bakelite industry over the years, and popularizes books and standards related to the bakelite industry

as a mildewproof grade 0 (the highest level), rubber wood effectively inhibits the growth of mold. This kind of environmental protection material is light in quality and one of the most widely used light hardwood solid wood in the world. Because of its elegant color, beautiful texture, fine structure, dense technical innovation and good processing performance, it has become a highly cost-effective variety of materials in the furniture industry and is loved by many consumers. According to statistics, more than 3million cubic meters of rubber wood gather in Nankang district every year, which is mainly used to make medium and high-grade solid wood beds, dining tables and chairs, accounting for 70% of the total rubber wood in the country

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