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26 enterprises including nine dragons won a total of 13.09 million energy-saving awards

according to the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, Dongguan identified 26 enterprises including Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. as energy-saving and cleaner production enterprises in 2009, with a total of 13.097 million yuan, of which Nine Dragons Paper won a million yuan energy-saving award

it is reported that some enterprises in Dongguan have long begun to invest a lot of money in energy conservation and environmental protection. Take Nine Dragons Paper as an example. As early as 2005, it established an energy-saving leading group to be responsible for the energy-saving planning, promotion and assessment of the whole company. In order to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, nine dragons has introduced the most advanced energy-saving papermaking equipment and technology in the world, so that all energy-saving indicators are better than national standards. Nine Dragons Paper not only actively promotes the development of circular economy, creates a precedent for waste paper recycling and papermaking in China, and leads the trend of environmental protection papermaking, but also reflects the circular design in many internal production links, such as: the recycling of pulp, the maximum range of vacuum exhaust and other devices to save resources; Production water is fully recycled to greatly reduce water consumption; New solid waste incinerators will be built to generate electricity and heat during solid waste treatment, so as to turn waste into treasure; The biogas produced during the biochemical treatment of sewage is collected and reused for power generation and heating, etc

in October, 2008, the Dongguan Municipal People's government issued the Interim Measures for the management of special funds for energy conservation and cleaner production in Dongguan (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which stipulates that the energy consumption per unit of GDP of enterprises shows a downward trend for two consecutive years. If the energy savings in that year account for 5% or more of the total annual energy consumption, and the energy savings are 1, which can make the spring obtain different stiffness, 00 tons of standard coal or more, the energy savings can be achieved according to the current year, The reward of energy-saving funds at 200 yuan/ton of standard coal, with a maximum reward of no more than 1million yuan

the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology said that the incentive funds will be allocated to enterprises in the near future. The tensile strength index has almost no change; When the consumption of CPE is more than 80 parts, the honeycomb structure makes this kind of collision absorption have strong impact resistance. According to incomplete statistics, this batch of energy-saving special funds effectively drove enterprises to invest more than 294million yuan in energy-saving technological transformation, and the annual energy saving is more than 100000 tons of standard coal

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