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Analysis of the impact of green packaging on packaging enterprises (2)

2. The impact of the green wave on international trade

whether in the international market or the domestic market, in addition to traditional factors such as price and product quality, environmental indicators are becoming an important factor in product competition, and the relationship between environmental protection and international trade is becoming closer and closer. The relationship between green packaging and international trade is increasingly close, which is mainly reflected in: (1) the environmental protection requirements of packaging have a significant impact on international trade; (2) Green packaging is a new non-tariff barrier

3、 The influence of green consumption mode and green marketing on packaging enterprises "This kind of material has a stronger impact on environmental protection

from the 1980s to the 1990s, there has been a transformation from the concept of healthy consumption to the concept of environmental protection consumption. The concept of environmental protection consumption has become increasingly popular. When buying goods, many consumers not only consider the quality and price, but also consider whether the products pollute the environment in the process of production and consumption, and believe that packaging should undertake greater environmental protection. Packaging that fails to meet the requirements of environmental protection not only affects people The survival of packaging products will also be affected

green marketing, based on conventional marketing, emphasizes the organic combination of consumer needs and economic and environmental benefits of enterprises, which has a strong marketing impact and appeal. Green packaging plays an important role in green marketing. Green consumption and green marketing require packaging enterprises to quickly change their ideas, update their products and realize the greening of packaging products

Management Countermeasures for packaging enterprises to deal with green packaging

at present, China has taken many measures in green packaging and made some achievements, but it is still backward compared with the world's advanced level. It is mainly manifested in: (1) the investment and level of scientific research are low, and the scientific and technological content of green packaging is low; (2) Laws, regulations, policies and standards lag behind, are not matched, and the level is low. I (3) the national awareness of environmental protection, especially the lack of awareness of the importance of green packaging by enterprises, has led to poor overall results; (4) There are many problems in enterprise management, so that the invested resources can not give full play to the best benefits. The management countermeasures of packaging enterprises to deal with green packaging are:

1. Fully understand the development trend and importance of green packaging. Enterprises should strengthen education and learning, establish a scientific concept of development, unify understanding, enhance the social awareness of enterprises, and cultivate the corporate culture of green packaging; We should strengthen training and education and improve the quality of all employees

2. Carefully study, understand and implement relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards. Enterprises should find problems in the implementation and actively put forward suggestions to make it more perfect and promote the development of green packaging in China

3. Cultivate and apply professional talents, establish corresponding institutions for overall management, and establish a green packaging management system. The development of green packaging must rely on modern management, improve the level of comprehensive management, and achieve short development period, low cost and excellent quality. Good quality management is the central link in the development of green packaging products and the key to achieving a virtuous economic cycle. The formation of product quality should go through eight stages: Market Research, product development, manufacturing process, procurement, production, inspection, sales and service. Product quality depends on the changes of various quality factors in the process of product formation, and the human, machine, material, method, environment and other factors of product quality should be controlled within the best state range

the purpose of establishing quality information management process is to evaluate the completion of quality objectives and determine the areas that need to be improved. The quality information management process includes the name, recording, transmission, statistics, analysis, reporting methods of quality information and related job operation convenience responsibilities. Strengthening the quality system has not only explored a path of innovation for state-owned enterprises and Internet enterprises, but also strengthened the review of documents by the top management. Develop green packaging and formulate strict quality inspection standards. Enterprises should establish a green packaging management system to formulate, implement and maintain the policy of green packaging for management and review. For manufacturers of packaging materials and containers, it is not enough to just "save energy and money, recycle and reuse". We should establish a green packaging management system from the long-term interests, and pass the certification of authoritative institutions. The green packaging management system will guide enterprises to continuously improve environmental behavior, so as to win the market in the competition

when enterprises establish and apply the green packaging management system, a systematic evaluation method is needed to evaluate the environmental impact and resource regeneration data of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a green packaging evaluation system. In order to express the evaluation results with quantitative data, the "life cycle assessment (LCA) method" can be used for evaluation. The implementation of "prevention first" requires enterprises to adopt "green technology" and "clean process" for "whole process" control. In this way, every link of product packaging can pass the LCA evaluation, and the enterprise can obtain the "green enterprise" and the corresponding green standards. If the product packaging it produces does not meet the requirements, it should be corrected again, which is "green packaging"

4. Increase investment in green packaging science and technology, strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions, and ensure the success of scientific research and development with management measures. According to the development status of green packaging in China, the funds invested by enterprises are pitiful. The reason is that the enterprise itself is lack of funds and the investment in developing green packaging may not necessarily get the corresponding output. But if enterprises want to really develop, they must adapt to the development of the times. As a packaging enterprise, mastering and applying green packaging technology is conducive to the prosperity and development of enterprises, environmental protection and human health. Lack of funds is indeed a big problem, and the operation of enterprise management has considerable knowledge. The capital invested should not only be within the range that the enterprise can bear, but also make the capital worthwhile and get the due value return. It can be said that the management of funds is related to the smooth progress of production, the beneficial use of technology and the popularity of products. In short, for the harmonious development of man and nature, investing in the development of green packaging is a serious problem for packaging enterprises

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