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Analysis of the world sensor market - infrared temperature sensor

in realizing long-distance temperature monitoring and control, infrared temperature sensor meets various requirements with its excellent performance. In the product processing industry, especially where the temperature needs to be monitored remotely, it is generally the place where the temperature sensor plays a great role

any object will emit electromagnetic radiation, which can be measured by infrared temperature sensor. When the temperature of an object changes, the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave radiated by it will also change. The infrared sensor can convert this wavelength change into temperature change, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring and temperature measurement

because the infrared temperature sensor realizes the functions of non-contact temperature measurement and remote temperature measurement, most operators are liberated from the harsh environment. The operators who used to have to wear high-temperature work clothes to work now don't have to wear those inconvenient work clothes, and can work in a safer and more comfortable environment. These characteristics of infrared temperature sensor make the majority of users interested in it

the application of infrared temperature sensors in the catering industry is also growing. The U.S. Food and drug administration stipulates that in the United States, we can use the following methods to judge whether there is a problem with the frequency converter of the single column tensile testing machine, conduct temperature supervision and record, and the food cannot be contaminated. Based on such requirements, it is natural that infrared sensors have been widely used in this field. Food temperature recording is realized without contacting with the tested object. In 1997, Europe also issued the same regulations in the food industry, and infrared temperature sensors will also have a large market in this field

optical fiber infrared sensors also have the characteristics of anti electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, which opens up a new market for the application of portable infrared sensors in the automotive industry

with the widespread application of infrared temperature measurement technology, a new infrared technology intelligent (SMART) digital infrared sensing technology is quietly rising. This intelligent sensor has a built-in microprocessor, which can realize the two-way communication between the sensor and the control unit. It has the advantages of miniaturization, digital communication, simple maintenance and so on. At present, all sensor users have upgraded their control systems, and the demand for intelligent infrared sensors will continue to grow. It is expected that the market will not reach saturation in the short term

at the same time, software manufacturers have also developed a matching software system. Its friendly graphical operation interface, high and low temperature alarm, adjustable emissivity, reading and memory function, short response time and other performance make the infrared temperature sensor more popular in the industry

precision screw pair transmission; 2. Ordinary belt drive. In addition, with the smaller and smaller volume of portable infrared sensors, the price is gradually reduced, and there are also new applications in the fields of food, heating, air conditioning and automobiles. For example, when used in food baking machines and hair dryers, infrared sensors detect whether the temperature is overheated, so that the system can decide whether to carry out the next operation, such as stopping heating, automatically taking food out of the oven, or cooling the hair dryer, etc. With more users' understanding of the portable change experimental machine, which is mainly divided into two categories of infrared temperature sensors, its potential users are increasing

due to the advantages of infrared temperature sensor in realizing long-distance temperature control and non-contact temperature measurement, its output increases by 10% every year. From 1996 to 1997, its output increased from 155000 to 230000; Total sales also increased from $230million to $300million. It is estimated that by 2006, its output will increase by 9.2% compared with the current one, and its total market sales will reach 5576. Using servo valves or proportional valves as control components for closed-loop automatic control will be US $100 million, and the total output will exceed 489000

for the global market of infrared sensors, the third world countries will be more optimistic than Europe and the United States. Although many industrial countries in Europe and the United States have extensive processing industries, their markets tend to be saturated; In China and some emerging countries and regions in Latin America, with the recovery and development of their economies, countries and regions have strengthened industrial construction, and the number of processing plants is increasing. The sales of infrared sensors in this region are growing at a rate of 2% - 5% every year, and their market sales are still growing

although the infrared sensor is quite competitive with similar products in the high temperature range, it is not dominant in the low temperature range. Thermocouples are cheaper than infrared sensors, and can meet the requirements of low-temperature users. They are the dominant market of low-temperature products. Only a few industries need to use infrared sensors to measure extremely high temperatures without contact, of which the metallurgical industry is the main market. In addition, in recent years, the use of infrared sensors in the chemical and petroleum industries is also increasing year by year, accounting for 31.7% of the total IR sales in 2000, and it is expected to exceed 36.5% by 2006

in the field of temperature sensors, low-temperature products are the main consumer products. However, due to the existence of thermocouples, infrared sensors do not have a good market. Even the relatively cheap portable IR temperature measuring gun is also facing fierce competition, and the price tends to decrease day by day. Some experts predict that its price may be reduced by 5-10% per year

at present, there are at least 25 relatively large-scale infrared sensor manufacturers in the world, of which Raytek is the first. In 1999, Raytek's products accounted for 20% of the global market, and a large part of its products are handheld products; Raytek also produces radiation thermometers and high-performance sensors for use in environments such as the metallurgical industry, where temperature requirements are extremely high. Ircon ranks second, with a market share of 17%, and its products are mainly for high-end users. Land infrared ranks third, with a market share of 15%, and its main products are handheld and measurement products

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