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Another coating enterprise was notified due to environmental violations

another coating enterprise was notified due to environmental violations

december 20, 2017

bubbles generated in this process are easy to disappear [China paint information]

on December 13-14, Henan Nanyang environmental pollution prevention and control campaign supervision team continued to carry out post inspection on some outstanding problems notified in the early stage and made relevant notifications. Wolong paint industry Co., Ltd. was named due to environmental pollution. The specific contents are as follows:

I The automatic monitoring station for ambient air quality of the Institute of technology

beidingzhuang, Zhongjing overpass, Xuefeng Road, Wolong District, and Liuzhuang community, lvzhuang community, Wulibao street, Wancheng District have been shut down, but sand and stone materials have not been covered in place; The construction and domestic waste in the South Food Trade City Project of Zhongjing overpass, Xuefeng Road, Wancheng District is not covered in place

II. The automatic monitoring station for ambient air quality of the meteorological station

the two storey building next to the Yangfan international kindergarten at the east gate of the North ordnance new city, Liangliang Road, Wancheng District is under renovation, and the construction waste and sand pile in front of the door are not covered; There are still a lot of construction waste, sand and stones piled up in the open air on the west side of phase II of Shangzuo garden, Dengyu Road, Wancheng District. The bare soil coverage is not in place, and the nearby road area is seriously dusty

III. automatic monitoring station for ambient air quality of Han painting Museum

the roadway opposite Wolong paint industry Co., Ltd. on Station South Road, Wolong District was not cleaned in time, with serious dust accumulation. The sand pile in a sand field on the north side of the roadway was still not fully covered

IV. ambient air of School of economics and management

there is still garbage in the southwest corner of Dazhai, Wolong District that has not been cleaned up in time. In addition, according to the provincial inspection report, a large number of construction and domestic wastes were dumped randomly in the enclosure in front of the Rulin cultural garden in Wancheng District, resulting in serious dust accumulation; An unknown and specially mentioned coal gravel yard on the east side of national highway 312 in Hanzhong Township, Wancheng District, has been shut down, but there is no material shed on the site, a large number of materials are stacked in the open air, and no dust collection measures are taken in the workshop, resulting in serious dust; At this time, in order to protect instruments and equipment, linzhixiu door industry in Nanyang City on the east side of national highway 2 in Hanzhong Township, Wancheng District was still in violation of regulations, and no prevention and control measures were taken in the painting section; Dingli building materials Co., Ltd. of Quzhuang 016 County Road, Jinhua Town, Wancheng District is in production. No dust collection measures have been taken in the crushing and other production sections, resulting in serious unorganized dust emission. In addition, it is found that the first straw burning boiler has residual temperature and no environmental protection facilities; Wancheng District jintianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. produced nanwannan building materials in violation of regulations, and the materials were not covered. For the above problems, Wancheng District and Wolong District should concentrate special forces to rectify them within one day, and the rectification results should be reported to the municipal environmental office before 18:00 on December 15. The municipal environmental improvement office will continue to carry out post supervision, and seriously hold accountable the relevant units that have not ◆ pellethane TPU - the best substitute for PVC in medical equipment manufacturing for a long time and have prominent problems

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