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Anti corrosion construction organization design of oil storage tanks and anti-corrosion safety measures for oil storage tanks

I. current overview of storage tanks: there are 5 storage tanks with a height of 18 meters and a diameter of 16 meters in this anti-corrosion project, totaling 5793.3m2

the anti-corrosion project of the oil storage tank is a high-rise structure with high construction height, great difficulty and complex construction process. However, our company has a number of professional high-altitude construction teams with rich theoretical and practical experience and can fight a hard battle. Both the operation management and construction technology can meet the needs of the project

II. Anti corrosion construction objective of oil storage tank

1. Duration Objective: the total calendar duration is 35 sunny days, and all quantities are completed

2. Quality objective: the qualified rate of sectional acceptance is 100%, the excellent rate is ≥ 95%, and the engineering sense is ≥ 90%

3. Cost objective: ensure the project quality and safety, and plan to save 17% of the project cost through effective management means

4. Safety Objective: adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first", ensure that the frequency of general accidents is less than 1.5 ‰, the work death rate is zero, and eliminate major safety accidents

5. Environmental protection objectives for civilized construction: strengthen scientific management of the construction site, meet the environmental protection requirements, establish the image of humanistic engineering, and create a municipal civilized construction site

6. Scientific and technological progress objective: the project is listed as a professional scientific and technological demonstration project of the enterprise, and the benefit rate of scientific and technological progress reaches 1.5 ‰

7. Service objective: establish that the owner can meet the construction process and guarantee the project quality

III. main construction measures for construction deployment:

1. Adopt scaffold free high-altitude suspension operation for construction

2. Mechanical grinding and derusting

3. Brush with roller, one bottom and two sides

main construction materials:

1. Paint: the primer is iron red antirust paint; The top coat is ready mixed paint; Thinner

2. Auxiliary materials: roller, brush, mixer, protective articles, spare parts, etc

3、18 ф Brown rope, steel wire rope

IV. main contents of Construction:

1. Preparation of construction process tools → mechanical grinding and derusting → primer → first coat of finish paint → second coat of finish paint → acceptance

2. Main contents of Construction: derusting and anticorrosion of 5 storage tanks with a height of 18 meters and a diameter of 16 meters

v. technical measures for anti-corrosion construction of oil storage tanks:

1. Construction measures for constructors: hanging operation construction ф 18 seat plate on palm rope) tied at the waist ф 16 palm rope as safety rope

II. All operators shall wear double safety buckles for directional supervision and inspection

specific construction methods for anti-corrosion of oil storage tanks:

I. remove the rust layer on the surface by mechanical grinding, and the cleanliness shall meet the sa2-sa3 level specified in rust grades and rust removal grades of steel surfaces before painting (gb/t8923); The roughness shall reach grade m specified in the evaluation of surface roughness of steel before coating (comparison sample method) (gb/t13288). For the construction site without mechanical grinding and derusting, the surface treatment is generally to use hand wheel for derusting. For some places without hand wheel for derusting, steel wire brush or coarse sandpaper can be used for derusting, but the cleanliness must reach st2-st3 specified in rust grades and derusting grades of steel surfaces before painting (gb/t8923). The sequence of surface derusting treatment is generally from inside to outside; First up and then down

II. Construction and control of storage tanks

I. the anti-corrosion coating of storage tanks is mainly carried out by means of brush coating and roller coating. The working environment for anti-corrosion construction should be spacious and bright, with good ventilation. If necessary, rain and wind proof facilities should be provided

attentions during construction:

(1) pay attention to safety during high-altitude operation, and arrange necessary scaffolds and scaffold boards during festivals

(2). Weld joints with obvious unevenness shall be repaired and polished to make them smooth

(3) the opening, free edge, corner and other positions shall be painted for multiple times to ensure that the coating thickness meets the design requirements

(4) clean up the site after construction

(5) when the weather and temperature change suddenly, the construction shall be suspended, and the construction can be carried out again after the weather and temperature are normal

II. The defective position of the storage tank found in the on-site construction inspection shall be repaired in time. The repair method is to roughen the leakage point or thin coating position and the surrounding 5cm radiation area with sandpaper or grinding wheel, and then re coat. 1. Change the test frequency to be adjustable (0 (5) Hz). After curing, check the leakage point and thickness again until it is qualified

III. focus on the joint coating and repair of storage tanks:

1. Joint coating

(1) before the welding of anti-corrosion pipes, cover the anti-corrosion coating on both sides of the welded junction with a covering to prevent the welding slag splashing and scalding from damaging the coating

(2) the surface pretreatment cleanliness of the joint coating shall meet the sa2~sa3 level specified in gb/t8923; Class m specified in gb/t13288, i.e. the depth of anchor grain is um

(3) during joint coating, the pipe end coating shall be cleaned to remove oil, soil and other sundries, and the edges shall be roughened with sandpaper

(4) joint coating 1. It is not allowed to use fast forward to load the sample; The coating and coating grade used shall be the same as the pipe coating as far as possible

(5) the preparation and coating of joint coating shall be consistent with the standards of pipe coating as far as possible. For the same coating as the pipe, the coating thickness shall not be less than the pipe coating thickness

(6) after the coating at the joint coating is cured, the quality inspection and defect treatment shall be carried out according to the provisions of the same standard for the pipe coating

2. Patching

(1) the coating used for patching the anti-corrosion pipe shall be the same as the coating used for the pipe body

(2) remove the damaged coating, and roughen the damaged surface and nearby coating with sandpaper. For the exposed steel pipe surface at the damaged part, it is advisable to spray (throw) the rust to Sa2.5 level specified in gb/t8923. If conditions are not met, power tools can be used to remove rust to ST3 level

(3) for the repaired part after treatment, the uniformity of the coating film shall be well controlled, and the brushing sequence and coating film thickness shall be the same as that of the pipe body

then compare with the force value points on the dial that are the same as the standard tensile sample

(4). After the coating at the repaired part is cured, carry out quality inspection and defect treatment point by point according to the provisions of the same standard for the pipe coating

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