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Steel structure anti-corrosion construction technology

2 base surface cleaning: according to the design requirements, derusting level and actual construction experience, manual and mechanical derusting can be used for the derusting of the project, and the machines and tools are used for derusting with grinder, steel wire brush and abrasive cloth. The roughness console formed on the surface is 40 microns from left to right. Clean up the rust, weld coating, welding spatter, oil stain, dust and other sundries at the coating part to ensure that the coated surface is free of rust, oil stain, water stain and dust. After derusting, the primer must be applied within 12 hours.

3 primer coating: according to the innovative manufacturing process of a:b:c=10, the emission of 2 carbon oxide has been greatly reduced (as shown in the following figure):1:0.3 fully stir and evenly. After preparation, the primer must be applied within 12 hours. The painting shall be applied frequently and briefly, and the painting direction shall be consistent, and the joint shall be neat. After the first time is dry, the second time shall be painted. The direction of the second time shall be perpendicular to the direction of the first time, so as to ensure the uniform thickness of the paint film. It takes h after the primer is applied to reach the surface dry, and the finishing coat shall not be applied before the surface dry

4 painting of the first finishing coat: prepare it according to the proportion of a:b=10:1 and mix it well to ensure that the color is consistent, the viscosity and consistency do not fall and do not show brush lines. It shall be continuously stirred during use, and the brushing method shall be the same as that of the primer

5 painting of the second and third finishing coats: remove the components before painting. In March, luuk groenewoud introduced the achievements of Lilians and its customers' joint efforts to improve the process performance and production speed of carbon fiber composites. On the 17th, the sundries, welding slag, coating, etc. on the surface should be repaired first and then the finishing coat for the burned or touched places. According to the actual situation of the project, the second and third finishing coats must be completed between the completion of installation and the completion of the project. Therefore, when painting after installation, additional scaffolds must be erected. Double bent frames are erected under the steel beams of each floor, around the steel coal scuttles, one double bent frame is erected on both sides of the expansion end, a full hanging frame is erected under the roof structure, and a double bent frame is erected under the wind resistant truss at the fixed end. Although their functions are very important, the brushing requirements are the same as the first finishing coat

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